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Journal    August 2011

I upgraded to Lion and what a nightmare. I lost the use of a lot of software and the glass pad seems possessed. I have had numerous freezes where I had to hard crash the computer. I haven't had to do that since OS 9. Apple gets more like PC's every day.
After all this time of not writing I might as well start off complaining. Not complaining is the key to success. Hince
Kayden, Andie and I are watching the Emperor's New Groove as rain falls outside and the evening approaches. We just returned from Maui and 15 days of island bliss. It seems to be a time of transition and completion. I see a lot of people finding or seeking closure. Relationships are drawing together or blowing apart or being shaken to establish soundness. Once again there is not time at present to write so maybe later. I did just upgrade Fetch to function with Lion so once again I can post pages on the web.
Hope Andie is feeling better soon. She is under the weather and laying on the sofa. She really has to be sick to be that still.

8-20, 2011  
Wish we could not fear each other's power and light
We would probably lift the whole humanity
into a higher place if only we would grab each other's hands.

Wise words from my friend Radhe

I can't believe almost 3 months have gone by without an entry into my journal. Ah the time you it takes to look for a job and trying to figure out what you are going to do when you grow up. I sure love making music and being part of mixing sound, recording and writing. A friend told me today there is no money in music anymore. hmm Seems like a perfect statement to hear when I am feeling like music may be the only thing calling me anymore. It certainly isn't anyone from the nearly 200 applications I have made. Hah There is still a ton of money to be made by all the people selling the chance to have your songs judged in contests that only cost $30 per song. There are a million promoters out there cleaning up on music. We are challenged to share our gifts in ways which we can and more often than not, those ways don't involve any exchange of worthless paper.

I don't seem to have time to sit still and write as there is always something to do. Strange how busy you can be when you don't have a job. Very weird.

Life goes on and is stranger than strange sometimes. I see so many couple crumbling right now and it makes me sad. It is one thing to go separate ways but is there a requirement to show your ugly as you leave?

Sending out the love.


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