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Journal    March  2011


March 23rd, 2011           Happy birthday Chani
It is a new day, Chani's birthday and I can't believe 27 years have gone by since she was born. She is amazing and it is a pleasure to watch her grow as an artist and as a person. Kayden and I are going to go and see her for a while today in Seattle.
There is so much that is crazy going on in the world and it makes me grateful for the many blessings we have in our humble home. Having power for lights and heat and refrigeration. Oh, yes and for all this technology we use. I am rehearsing in the living room today where there is a small PA set up. I think I will have to paint the studio white again. I went with crazy wine and gray and it makes the room seem so small. It looks very artistic but I don't think the colors work for my creative energy.That is why the PA is out here and not in the studio. Andie and I are singing some songs together when we have any energy at the end of the day.
With all the budget cuts we lost day care for Kayden and it is a new adventure there. I love the time we spend together because I can revisit childhood and spend a lot of time playing. Hopefully I will have work again soon, or sell a song or a book. Who knows? I just wake up breathing and say, "It's a brand new day." Kayden says that in the mornings now too. "Pops, get up and let's play. It's a brand new day!" No matter how tired I am that inspires me to get up out of bed and jump into the morning. I wake up next to sleeping beauty every single day. Like Zack Brown says, "Life is good today."
Sending out the love.

March 18, 2011
It is hard to believe we have managed to this far into the month. Facebook consumes a lot of time just reading what is happening to friends around the planet. The disasters in Japan have stopped us in our tracks. Everywhere people are feeling the weight of the pain of so many people suffering. Prayers for all of us go out from my heart today. There is a haunting melody that rings in my thoughts. It is to a song I used to play with Pastor Paul.
"Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy on me."

I feel a bit dazed by it all. Not really afraid of the radiation and the danger of a major quake here in the next week, any time from tomorrow until the 26th according to one geologist. There is so much speculation from many different perspectives as to what is really going on here. The world is shifting literally. I think the time for drawing near to one another is here. There will be a division between the caring and the uncaring. I want to be among those who care and feel for their fellow human beings.

The media bombards us with so many images of the events occurring around the world that it is easy to become desensitized. Indeed, how do you not? I mean it hard enough for the people in the middle of all that destruction to process and they are looking it in the face. Peace, mercy and the basics is what my prayer is. I am so impressed with the Japanese culture and how they have so much stoicism and calm facing these trials. It happens. Simply that and no more.

So I listen as my wife, Andie, reads bedtime stories to Kayden. I feel grateful for the shelter we have at this time. I know how quickly all things can pass and that only makes me more grateful. There was one year we lost power for 5 days. All our food spoiled in the freezer, we nearly froze our butts off and that is a long time with no shower. It is funny a person continues to reach for and flick a light switch when power is gone. There was no water as we are on a well. That has probably been 5 years ago I am guessing. After the power returned and I was able to turn on and step into the shower I felt such a surge of gratitude and even to this day I still feel that when I turn on the shower. Basic needs of shelter, food, water are always more appreciated after you spend some time without them.

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