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Flash Poety    August 2007

Flash Poems

The Beach in Santa Barbara

Crouching Tiger

Tiny grains of sand
Slipping through each hand
Bring some sort of comfort to your soul

Perched in your proclivity
Sensing sensitivity
Gripping each grain fall

If counting was in your command
You'd line them up and make a stand
And count them one and all

Bent free from any brevity
Lost in your activity
One by one by one you'd tally toll

Yet counting is not your concern
It's sand in hand sensation's turn
Ensconced in your Crocs
Feet cool and free from socks

Crouching tiger resting roar
Sifting sand on ocean shore

August 8, 2007


       Papa and Chani

Believe It or Not

Happiness, laughter, love and freedom
This is what life is about
Lift up your voice give a shout
Start allowing your dreams for you need them
Don't, won't, can't and no
Are negative ways of speaking
Blocking the dreams we're seeking
They're words that I'm letting go
The simple law of abundance and attraction
Is calling all good to me
Believe it and then you will see
Stay focused and avoid all distraction
You can change your life in every way
If you change the way you see it
If you believe it then you can be it:
Happy and grateful each day
August 14. 2007

On August Waking

Meet new members of your clan
Too much love has no man
Finding focus slowly scan
Let loose this long lost fear
Words are vague pictures clear
Sense the reason you are here
Climb up every stair

Free of spirit wear no cage
Eternal youth of spirit sage
Feel the joy and loose the rage
See life being grand
Walk with me upon this sand
Squeeze back this squeezing hand
Let go of every care

Grow into a loving man
See your dreams appear
Live a long and loving age
And come to understand
Love will find you here and there
So give back love every where
And see the scope our spirits span

August 1, 2007


Say So Long

There is a shadow in the hall
A fleeting figure on the wall
It grieves me to recall
How little time we had

The sun seems in eclipse
Sorrow whisks out its whips
Like a climber when he slips
I tumble into sad

Though it is for the best I know
I have to release and let you go
Knowing nodding even so
I'll linger just a tad

To have and then have not
To have done or have done not
Something I fear that I forgot
It feels like I am bad

Some answers never come
Today's a better day than some
Still the pain won't seem to numb
If it would I'd be glad

Perhaps it's me who needs release
To see you fly free to caprice
Two souls finding peace
One happier grand dad

Don't cry for me Suzanna
Saying so long to Cheyanna

From a tear to a sparkle in your star
Someday I'll be where you are

August 9, 2007

See it and be it

If we can define the line we walk upon
There'll be more dreams deemed
And less dreams gone
Love has the power to anoint
Our lives with cosmic rays
Streaming towards a focal point
Of joyful loving wondrous ways
Or so it will have seemed

These are the days we'll talk about
When time has dimmed our view
When we're near the end of our walk about
And dreams coming or uncoming true
When light fades from our worldly eyes
We will know our true direction
Softly seeking soaring sighs
We will sail off into perfection

August 21. 2007

So It Is

Text message came late last night
Letting us know everything is right
Baby girl is now in sight and in full view
Life is just continuous choice
We hold hands and so rejoice
Inside an inner voice rings true
Though it's sometimes hard to see
Everything is as it should be

August 18. 2007









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