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Flash poems are
written stream (or stutter) of consciously usually
in the early mornings. They are better if I am having coffee.

Greg Murat the writter

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A few poems listed by first line
Time is Relative
I sit on this raft lost at sea
Who could love me 
A spring day seasoned with cool wind
Gads of gray go floating by
Flooding Fields and farms have been...
Squeaking creaking the year is ending 
These days run away like a sleigh in the snow

The Leaves let go
If you believe
The leaves are falling
Warm quarter sized drops of rain falling
Watchers waiting
Some feel like it comes too late 
If you were here
Your journey here is done
If you meet travails with acceptance
Step out of the plane I said and we'll fly
Music love, love music Big bird
One has while one has not 
Don't bake bitter biscuits  
Two for me and one for you    
I plead pedestrian    
Waves crash with a thunderous roar  


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