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Flash Poety   January 2005

Flash Poems

January 2005

Snacky Cakes

Worried workers, sorry slackers
Business gurus, computer hackers
Politicians and beauticians with
Inhibitions and ambitions
Go from pediatrician to mortician
Impoverished people and financial backers
All share a love for Gold fish crackers
There is he who gives and he who takes
But everyone loves snacky cakes

January 31,05

In Dreams 10.2

Step out of the plane, I said and we'll fly
Reluctantly you took my hand and did
We flew for a time and then we were walking
You said I think you and I did die
You deduced that from the bodies and people talking
That refused to help us as they were passing by
There appeared to have been a crash of plane
Injured and dead were all neatly lane
Along the road as people ran to and fro
We are dead. No we're not. We are too.
We are not dead, let's go
You took my hand. We flew away.
Arguing as we went.
We are dead. We are not dead.
Neither opinion took a dent.
You awoke me with this story
We had a laugh about you thinking we were dead
I said it was just a dream, but we were not dead I said

January 31, 2005

Time Out

Before you speak take a moment
Try on the other person's shoes
If your intent is to be content
Be careful with the words you choose
Emotions play us all for fools
Sometimes relations need some rules
Like an argument is not a call to termination
Though impassioned moment makes you shout
Don't be consumed with your own consternation
Sometimes we all need to take time out
I know I will always make do
Given time to think things through
When brain heads north and heart heads south
Try clinching teeth and closing my mouth
In time you'll wonder where those feelings went
For they'll be miles and miles away
Mind and heart in line again
Now you can take time out to play

January 28, 2005

Forgotten Fields

Playful days of wine and sun
Smooth as fretless bass they run
Soft tones, sweet moans
Lover's laughter, no ever after
Just youthful soulful fun
Every day's face is new
But the scenery's the same
Worry weary point of view
Lost in misbegotten shame
Remember rolling in a meadow
Picking flowers by the road
Singing songs we sat in circles
Unfettered by the load
Of worldly cares, so it seemed
Some would say we were fools
But I would disagree
Time tock ticks and never yields
Sometimes I step outside of time
And walk forgotten fields
Through the mists of memory
Or perhaps it's fantasy
It's all the same to me
When all is said and done

January 27, 2005

Spare Me

There is a crud that is comes creeping
It leaves my fellows runny nosed and weeping
Head aches pounding and imploding
Tummy aches resounding and commoding
Calling out with words that would be bleeping
I am fit for sitting and watching the TV
Drinking tons of water saying sickness cease to be
Spare me
Spare me

January 26, 2005

What is in a Name?

What is in a name
Strength, weakness
Boldness, meakness
A surety of fame

Does the naming name
Peace, Love, Pure
Comfort, Calm, assure
People of the same

Does the naming stain
Scarlet, Violet, Red
Atilla, Troy, or Ted
Matthew, Mark or Wayne

Searching for a name
Landon, Hayden, Logan
N and N and Hogan
It's too much for this brain

What is in a name
Joy that won't subside
Tears that you have cried
I'll let you girls decide
If it's all the same

Written by Greg Murat
January 25, 2005

Friendly Fire

Friendly fire
Now there's an oxymoron
If there ever was
I guess that is because
What could be less friendly
What could be more dire
Than incoming rounds
Whose echoes resound
In the broken hearts
Of mothers everywhere
Smartless sharks in office
Who don't even pretend to care
To take the time for talk
To those whose children took the walk
Whose lives ended like a coin that's tossed
Written off as necessary, another freedom cost
Fair is not something that we require
If it was, mongers now clear of harm's way
Hell bent on leading us astray
Would be coming under friendly fire.

Written by Greg Murat
January 22, 2005

Weather the Weather

These are troubled days said the newscaster
Tsunami waves, earthquakes, natural disaster
Religious conflicts and a world conforming
Secular edicts and global warming
This is the stage on which we play
No rehearsal just another day
You see it clearly on the nightly news
The anguished faces, the rescue crews
It makes one wonder how we endure
The tragedies that life deals out
To both the wicked and the pure
Where is the meaning, what's it all about
In times of hardship we all stand together
We find comfort in closeness to weather the weather

Written by Greg Murat
January 24, 2005

To All Parties

Repent, republicans, repent
Came the clatter of protesting voters
Those souls who feel they spent
There votes in vain , like floaters
On a lake in the rain
Good guys, bad guys
What is the basis
One falls, both strive
To reach the oasis
You can do it, quit or die
Never ever relent and
You will make it by and by
If you're determination bent
As to politics and politicians
I think all parties should repent

Written by Greg Murat
January 21, 2004

Warm Rain

The snow fell in drifting shifting banks
I know well to seek shelter and give thanks
Couch cacooned in comforting refrain
Watching waters rising with warm rain
Nature vexing, flexing, hexing demure disdain
Rivers rising from their banks once again.
It is the warmest winter day in 60 years
Rain falls down like a lost and lonely lover's tears
He who stops to listen is the same one who hears
The peace in falling rain and the puns in nature's pranks

Janurary 19, 2005


Late night early morning lying adjacent
Ever evolving, alive and never complacent
Cuddling combat for the covers
Hard to remember were there ever others
This love is glowing constantly
From me to you and you to me
Busy making memories
Past past we let it be
Fear of flying fades away
In the shelter of your arms
This is where I intend to say
No air alerts or frantic fire alarms
No perfumed phantoms frolic in the mist
Passion's perched upon the pillow every time we've kissed

January 20, 2005

Live !

Why is it that we believe destiny
Is a force that can overshadow choice
Living life as if no ending will be
We are free to use our mind and our voice
It is time we spend and so we all must chose
What we do with the time that we all have
Spend it making love or paying dues
Love to life is like a healing save
Some of us will drift on aimlessly
Some take charge and make their destiny
We are all destined to pass away
So wake up and live life every day

January 17, 2005

Busy Busy

Busy busy as we go
Hurry home and hurry so
We can fit more into each Hour
Dizzy dizzy with the doing
All these projects we're pursuing
Till we're wilting like a flower
Tumble tumble we are tossed
Seeking saving time we've lost
But there is no turning back of time
So send it, spend it as one who's wise
With ever clear and focused eyes
And you will enjoy the climb

January 16, 2005

Crunch Crossing

Snow cicles were missing this morning
Hopes of staying home left me mourning
Out in the icy air I walked crunching
Cold chilled back pain had me hunching
Muttering to myself at icy windshield
Puddle hopping as if over minefield
Looking forward to a nap and later lunching
There came news of someone's success
I wonder am I making any progress
I bend and groan and get behind the wheel
Reflecting on this forlorness that I feel
Milling mulling munching making mess
Clearing cutting cobwebs I confess
Gold records with my name embossing
Flutter by on my lone crunch crossing

January 13, 2005

What's the Deal?

Will it snow or not?
Will I be staying home
To relax and to repose
Will it be cold
Will it be hot
Will we see snowy dome
If so then I suppose
We'll forget the daily struggle
We'll stay and we'll snuggle
We'll share the way we feel
No go. No snow.
What's the deal?

January 12, 2005

Still Reflection

Mind be still for just a moment
The days duties will draw nigh
Stop, listen where the quiet went
Let the chaos pass you by
Though difficult, just try

No planning, plotting, no decision
Listen to the quiet waiting
No scanning, nodding television
No back flash or anticipating
Seek negativity negating

Calling calm to collection
Listen to the voice within
When you're in still reflection
You renew your soul again
January 11, 2005

Take Haven

Dreams danced in snowbound lands
Off she went with wild abandon
Once again she understands
Love comes and goes at seeming random
Braking bashing bands
Leaving lonely empty hands

Ink that's etched upon the skin
Will never out and is ever in
Art that stands as a reminder
Of broken dreams she's left behind her

Catch a plane and take to skyward
To open arms in the northwest
Time to sit and ask the why word
Why love did not withstand the test
Abrupt endings seem so absurd
Why was he such a cursed curd
She thought him different from the rest

Let out the pain
From where you've been
Breathe out, breathe in
You're home again
When dove shape shifts to raven
Take time, take space, take haven

January 9, 2005

Ice and Snow

Ice and snow
Peace and war
Here we go
Ask what for
Face the chill
Just a day
Climb the hill
On your way
Take some time
To keep warm
Make some rhyme
Nod to norm
Turn and go
He and she
Ice and snow

January 10, 2005


We all walk our paths
We eat bread with leaven
All these aftermaths
Become quite clear in heaven
Life is more than a lucky seven
So much we don't see when we're alive
But on dying there are stages we pass
Some say there are five
Facing forever we review to ask
What was the purpose to being alive
Why do some die while others survive
The only time that we waste
Is the time we don't see
We were meant to be here
We were meant to be free
But too much time is lost in haste
Hurrying along and forgetting to taste
The moments that we should hold dear
It seems only in dying we see much of
The impact we have on the lives that we touch
One never went blind by seeing the brighter side
Open your heart to your life don't run and hide

January 7, 2005

The Weather

The Weather man said snow and stormy
The Weather said calm and warmy
No wind, no storm, not even rain
Still the weather man predicts in vain
They are the total optimists
Wrong day after day
They still persist
Funny such a job exists
No apology when wrong they say
As he or she predicts
It is up, overcast and on our way
If they had more jade
They'd be made for politics
Somehow we seem to hold them dear
Be it a woman or a fella
After all they seem so sincere
Still if they say sunny bring your umbrella

January 8, 2005


Watching the wonders that waves are
Has been a favorite pastime of mine
Now I have seen them wash away cars
Homes, lives and leave lasting scars
It's shown me how all of our lives entwine
And called character to raise the bar

Not in my wildest imaginings
Could I foresee what such sorrow brings
On a clear, bright and sunny day
When all your life is washed away
The wave comes crashing after it rescinds
In a moment all that's holy ends

Spirit comfort come on summer stars
Feed and shelter these instant refugees
Tossed and turned by raging seas
On this oasis more now like flooded Mars

Hang on, hold on, heal and hope
Lord help us all to help us cope
With this damage done by waves
With the ravage of these days

January 6, 2005

The Road

The Road rolls off towards the dark horizon
Not far distant it takes a turn
No sun no need to shade my eyes when
There is so much to see and learn
There is no certainty she once said
In love and life and the time we're given
Those words roll round and round my head
I think can all be well when we live in
These very troubled times
But there are always parallels
Inquisitive queries. String theories.
We count nickels, we count dimes
We guess what the fortunes tells
Winding, climbing, cash and clutter
We head to work for bread and butter
We wait and watch in warm abode
Longing for the less traveled road

January 5 ,2005



Resolution in a photograph is quite the ticket
Software sharpens images selected when you click it
Seeing signs of end of times seems somewhat surreal
There is chaos in this cacophony of feelings that we feel
Cast off the clutching clingers who say there's no solution
To seek to see a brighter day, that is my resolution
If unkind words seek your lips think twice
You will find, for your heart's sake,
It is better to be nice

January 1, 2005

Flash Poems


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