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Flash Poety  October 2004
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Morning Sounds

Gun fires in a skeet shoot off
Aquarium cascades through a plastic waterfall
Refrigerator drones on and on
I breath the morning coolness and cough
And I can't seem to recall
The quiet of the dawn
Rain patters roof's composition
The house is mostly sleeping
At least that's my supposition
I hear the kitty creeping
Just beneath the floor
I listen to the morning sounds
Thinking less is more

October 30, 2004

Bitter Biscuits

Don't bake bitter biscuits
Better stick to fudge
We all have tales and triscuits
It is better not to judge
Or wear the face of consternation
Or second guess the motivation
Of someone who is stranger or is kin
Though they weren't a friend to me
Neither were they my enemy
Let judges be
He or she who has not known sin
Bitter biscuits leave you bitter
In the end

October 31, 2004

Autumn In the Woods

The mill turns round and round
Water flows with healing sound
Autumn leaves flutter by
Floating like a butter fly
I am glad to be so far away from town

You there with your camera clicking
Thoughts of time and all its ticking
Have been left with gratitude
For these moments here with you
As we watch the leaves no longer sticking

This time for two
Does both of our hearts good
Just me and you
And Autumn in the woods

October 27, 2004


As the mist rolls across the valley
I ponder peace, love and mortality
And the future I cannot foresee
Yet is ripe with possibility
Narrow is the line I see
Between right and wrong

I have often wandered where
It would seem as though I didn't care
I set out down some lonely stair
Perhaps I took more than my share
What I found was waiting there
I seek saying in a song

Like the mist can change our view
We should seek changing too
At least when we can for if we could
We would grow and you know
That would be good

October 29, 2004


News that clues, news that baffles
Thoughts that leave us on the scaffolds
Balanced high upon a perch
Seeking solace in a church
We say we do all that we can
Yet living lives in every man
Every woman, every child
Animals, both tame and wild
The air we breath, the thoughts we think
The dreams we weave, water we drink
The life we live for living's sake
The food of which we partake
Following so many creeds
Our measure's met by our deeds

October 25 2004
On Living

I muddle through the mundane
Seeking something that sustains
This life and love I feel inside
This longing to finally reside
In a place where peace remains

I set out on this path I trod
Bent against the breeze I plod
The wind born rain stinging my eyes
I recall a time much less worldly wise
Less alone and more close to God

My back against the burden bends
Looking back on old loves and friends
I lose all sense of my direction
I reach out and seek connection
Coming home to you the longing ends.

We grow by what we're giving
As time goes by
Although we're far from perfect
Still we try

October 24 2004


Dreamers see the world

through different eyes
Maybe less responsible
but in many ways more wise
For seeing simply
sailing so they seek
Words not always sifted
when it's their heart's that speak
Like a snow that's drifted
Like a child wades in a creek
They are blown about
by winds of change
In passion they will rise and shout
When this world seems strange
They can turn this world inside out
They can ride their mind's moon beams
Blessed is the man and woman-child
who dreams

October 22, 2004

Bracing for Winter

Zip the coat and pull up the hood
I felt the wind push where I stood
I saw the leaves tumble to the ground
With a whirling swirling crackling sound
And I thought this season change is good
We will huddle by the fire and sing
Prepare for cold and dream of spring
Autumn's song says summer sent her
To hearken in the cold coming winter
Cuddle close so we won't feel the sting

October 19,2004
Hear The Music

There are s
Throughout this & every land
Who create for creating's sake

And because they understand
Music is the mist
That greets the day that's new
And meets meaning's clarity
Or softens up the view
Or eases the burdens
That weigh upon our hearts
It heralds, in hand in hand, both
Life's finishes & starts

If you're happy or if you're sad
Comfort's coming now to you.

Hear the music. Feel the music.
Even if you cry, you will be glad
For you will feel your soul renew

October 21, 2004
You Are

Music to my soul
That is what you are to me
A love story told
Softly and with care
I smell the coming winter storm
But I do not fear a cold
that is vague, bold and without form.
In the haven of your love
In the shelter of your warm soul
I hear a melody
That seems timeless as a star
So I sing it to myself and then
I am where you are.

October 18, 2004
What's next?

In this life,
There is the good,
The bad, the ugly
There is the cold,
The cute, the cuddly
The Haven of home
The presence of dangers
The peace you have known
The kindness of strangers
The melodic music making
The adventures to be taking
Living and loving in life's context
Asking, ever asking what's next?

October 15, 2004

Look down on the landscape
With a smile
It is like a living canvas
Seen from a mile
Above Herds of elk
Breaking brush below
While you're cruising through clouds
Soaring , sailing on the wind. You go
Trusting God, closer than
You've ever been
When you land, you want to go again

October 14, 2004

The Flight

Fear of flying speaking loud
Facing fear above the crowd
Ultralight taking off
Glider, pilot, me in tow
Down the runway off the cart
And up into the air we go
Roaring wind assaults my ears
Tow released it disappears
2,500 feet above the ground
Silence. Sweet silence
Is the only sound
I hear as I sail above my glory
A silhouette in a circle rainbow
My friend told me, now I know
So I faced off my deepest fear
Lo and behold I'm still here
I lived to tell the story
Larry brought me down with no regret
I checked twice, my pants weren't wet
Might be courage shining through
Could be I went before I flew

October 11, 2004

The Voices

Taunting, teasing with a flourish
Sounds not meant to nourish
You're bad, you are not good enough
Not too subtle, much to rough
Bullies, lovers, a lost false friend
that play and never end
Words that wound and weaken
Words our minds are speaking
From the mouths of ghosts long gone
Tapes that we play on and on
Shut down power, turn the page
Hurtful voices simply age
The young and old together
Make the voices go away
And life will be much better

October 13, 2004

Keep It In

Keep it in. Does that seem fair?
Is it sin when caring calls for caring
And caring isn't there?
Let it out. Does that seem wise?
Truth taught, truth told
Truth lies in disguise.
Turn it off. Does that seem keen?
When kindness kindles kindness
Curtailing what is mean.
Turn it on. Does that seem bright?
When loving calls for loving
Then love with all your might.
Let love light low roads
And roads that are high
Let love fill our souls
Let love let us fly
Let love lift us up as we try once again
You can never know too much love
So let it out and keep it in.

October 13, 2004

On Dreaming

In Dreams
Anything can happen
What seems
Like reality
In a mist laden land
Be it bliss or calamity
Takes you by the hand
You flow like sap in winter
Pass through the door
Marked Enter
You arise fulfilled or shaken
More or less with what you've taken
From your dreams

October 10-8-04

Quiet now

Quiet now
I am searching for a thought
A fleeting butterfly like thing
That seeks not to be caught

Fly it. How? On a kite like wing
On a melody, in a song I sing
If a thought could be bought
I'd break the piggy banks
And be off for a bunch
I'd think in thinking tanks
And not even stop for lunch
But alas thought
Keeps eluding me
Still I ramble on
As you can see
Thought tilling still I plow
Quiet. Here comes one now.

October 6, 2004

The Fog

A veil lies upon the autumn ground
A curtain clings to the morning air
It is a mystic vision,
An ethereal sound
It is a daylight dream
You can't see what is there

Just beyond the vision
Something waits
Like the end of time's
Eternal gates
We come into this life
And we leave alone
Taking memories of the time
And the love we've known

Life is mountains and valleys,
It's an oasis or a bog
But we are bound to wait to see
What's beyond the fog

October 5, 2004

Alaska bound

Alaska bound
A brand new phase
Fairbanks found
In Snowy days
Do what you do best
Paint, draw and Chani-mai
Peace by piece with zest
Live life full,
Bring what it may
Steer clear of the bull
Love and live today
Happy is the sound of
"I'm Alaska bound"

October 3, 2004

Let's Dance

The dance of strife is
Looking for partners
The dance of life is more smart
There's autumn in the afternoon
Winter's coming much too soon
Though I'll miss
This summer's kiss
I know one thing and that is this
Winter will not wilt this one
We'll warm together
Till winter's done
Live and love with disregard
For season's circumstance
We're two as one
When life is hard
For reason's of fun
Come on let's dance

October 4, 2004


Some folks you never really get to know
Some folks you have known forever
Even though you meet by chance
It feels you have always been together
You stay close beyond all circumstances

Tie the ties of contact
Email in and email back
Sharing simple tales
What nourishes. What ails.
Family, fiction, fact.

As we journey toward life's end
How blessed I am to call you friend.

October 2, 2004

Duty Duly Done

I hear the wind
In leaves that rustle
I feel I tend to hustle bustle
Then I need a passion potion
I meet the maze in slow motion
Much too tired to tussle

In waking slumber I reside
While grinning friends
Go hang glide
I sit in sleepy silence there
My guitar leaned
Against the chair
Knowing time's not on my side

Still I tarry when planning plans
I will carry what weight commands
So far from depravity
Yet grinded down by gravity
Till I duly do duty's demands

Duty duly done
I'm too tired for fun.

October 1, 2004

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