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Flash Poety  September 2004

Flash Poems


Two for Me

Two for me and one for you
It's only fair they said
I am free and so are you
You chose the path you tread
I'll take whatever you give
And then I'll ask for more
I mean, this is how I live
Isn't that what you're here for
You can spend
All your time and money
You can make my day
When you run out,
Don't find it funny
When I walk away
It is better to give than take
This is your opportunity
Be quick with the choice
You make
One for you and two for me

September 29, 2004

Whose life is this?

Home again, home again.
How do you do?
How to go backwards and
Begin again anew?
How do you go forward
If you only look behind
Seek the past again and again
And again you 'll find
The present has, as before,
Slipped away from you.
Like a three legged spider or
A one winged fly
You go round in circles
Even when you try
To find a new direction,
Cut a new connection
Accept imperfection
Or make a projection
Like a seeker once
Abandoned on the shoal.
It's time to own your life and
Make living it your goal

Stand by your word,
Let true be true
Let old wounds heal,
It's up to you
Don't be afraid
To call upon the Source
Whose life is this?
It's yours, so set your course.

September 28,2004

The Minstrel

Freedom calls with epic poetry
Wrought with consonance and imagery
Once wounded warrior wields words
Spinning spirit soaring surge
You see vast and ancient scenery

Hear spirit and humanity through
This mindful minstrel
With dread lock canopy
Folding time into a crease
With ancient cries for modern peace
All is not vanity rings true, He says
Peace begins with me and you

September 24, 2004

The View From Here

The view from here
Takes my breathe away:
Cloudless and clear with
Diamonds dancing on the bay
Full moon's florescence
On an emerald cityscape
Shifting waters on salt sea shores
Turquoise tapestry awakes
The passion that I feel inside
The rising sun, the turning tide
are present when you're near
If you could see your beauty
Just as I can see,
If you saw you the way I do,
With this view from here,
How happy you would be.

September 30, 2004

The Fall

Caught in quiet conversation
Still in silent contemplation
I feel the fall surround me

Fettered many colored coat
Frosted breath I see afloat
Shifting seasons still astound me

Placidly as a looking glass
Silver sheet must see me pass
It's splashing, barking bills confound me

Rusted steeples seem unsure
Winter withers to springtime's cure
I feel the fall profoundly

Posted September 23,2004
wrestled from an old journal 1978


We have labels for bottles
We have labels for cans
For a child who toddles
For those take stands
On just when it is
That life does commence
Labels on that, labels on this
For prosecution & for defense
Are labels more fables
Than they are certain?
For people it seems
They are more a curtain
That keeps us from seeing
The soul that is inside
That block out the being
That won't be denied
As we wander
Upon the paths that we trod
I don't think the labeled are
Labeled by God
September 22,2004
The Crud

Thoughts pending my waking
Week's ending, soul shaking
Sickness sacking my production
Pain backing my deduction
That rest calls for resting
To this troubadour
It's best to be nesting
Lest I rest for evermore.

September 20, 2004
Chose Life

Music makes the soul awake
Sing songs for song's sake
Convivial and effervescent
Mood melodies made
At moon's crescent
Much more to give and less to take
Breathe life in every breathe
Know your life in living
And you will not fear death

September 18, 2204

Just Because

Live life and it shows from
Your head top to your toes
Love, true love, truly flows
Nurture it with kindness so it grows
It took time to find this, I suppose.
Trust builds believing, your heart knows
Two can better face life's woes so
When you find your soul mate, propose
Then you can share your friends and foes
Time will bring to light the seeds one sews
So stand beside the partner that you chose
For loving is as loving does, so always
Love each other, just because.

September 16,2004

To The Child

The child inside cries out on occasion
It longs for love and validation
It longs for peace of mind at last
It lures us down to live the past
Most parents were neither bad nor good
Most parents did the best they could
Pictures pass and when we zoom in
Forgive. We are all only human.
Heal the heart and free the grudged
For by our rules we will be judged

September 14,2004

Autumn Rain

This morning I awoke to autumn rain
I feel the winter coming once again
Dark days doing duty
Calling leaves to fall
Cold chill passes through me
I am here but I recall
Warm sand between my toes
Present past, future past it goes
By like a breeze that's gained velocity
Herculean hurricane ferocity
Flips me out of space and time
It sets me gently down
Into this autumn climate
And a present that's sublime
Yesterday's leaves in calm release
Seem to signal summer's cease.

September 13,2004

On this day
The world was changed
In the name of a god
Forever rearranged
In acts of grave religious error
War began with acts of terror
No David and Goliath here
More a cruel crusade
To instill fear and yet
We saw acts of heroic faith
As people stood
Against the wraith
What began a day
With sun adorning
Ended up in gray
With a nation mourning
In remembrance today we pray
To the God who made us
For in the end
Only He can save us
To the Lord
Who can rebuke the wind
We ask our hearts
Be turned to you again
Above You to place no other
Please place within our hearts
Love for one another.
September 11, 2004


Schedules aren't to make life duller
Said my friend Jimmy Culler
He knows time saving stitches
He puts them on, rarely with hitches
His work is very fine
Timely timed, one stitch saves nine
Work, work and work some more
Planning time for fun
Is what my schedule's for
Balance play time and
Work time and I bet you'll
Have more fun
Referring to your schedule
You'll stop on a dime
And have some fun
If you take the time

September 11, 2004



On this day
Of life's beginning
You began your game
From the first through
The final inning
You sow the seeds of love
Your caring calls
To all who meet you
Your words and heart
Always ring true
You mean just what you say
Every day's a new beginning
That's your claim to fame
You always come when need calls
You always rise above
Yesterday, tomorrow and today
You are truly, truly loved

September 8-2004

The Winds of War

The winds of war
Are blowing strong
Each side claiming
Right and wrong
The battle rages
Dusk to dawn and
Dusk to Dawn again
Mother's sing
Lamentor's songs and
Wonder how to carry on
In a war no one can win
The Reaper
Stops to celebrate
The Destruction that is
Fueled by hate
And seeks senseless
Mindless madness
From the throngs
Who are busy, busy
Bent on blaming
Claiming more materials
To please us
Stop! Stop these winds!
Stop these winds!
Lord please and
Thank you Jesus
September 3, 2004

On Diving

Some say
The last frontier
Is outer space
Scuba divers say that
It is under space
The cares of
Surface surviving
Disappear when you
Go scuba diving
You silence
All your troubles
The only sound
That's left is bubbles
Tired of all that's trying
You kick your fins
And then you're flying
In an open, vast frontier
With a smile
Upon your face

September 5, 2004

Flash Poems


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