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Flash Poety  February 2005

Flash Poems

Taylor Guitar

February Flash Poetry 2005


If you meet travails with acceptance
You can move forward with new knowledge
Experience teaches us what we need to learn
Many lessons are met with reluctance yet
Life's lessons linger longer than those of college
Long into life let this lust for truth still burn
And lead us to a place with meaning and substance
Let the boundless possibilities open and accept us
Let us change the things that we can change
May we know when change is not our choice
We can affect things within our abilities and range
There is guidance if we accept this
And listen to that still small voice

February 28 ,2005

My Air

It's all your fault
You are ruining it for everybody
Perhaps some Gestalt
Would bring you more clarity
Give me a break
How about some charity
For heaven's sake
I'm not one to name a name
But if there's a fault
Let's share the blame
Relax awhile in your easy chair
I don't even mind that
You're breathing my air
Even though it's your fault
I'm still happy to share

February 27 ,2005

What do you see?

What do you see in your mind's eye
Do you look to the future or to the past
What are the thoughts that help you get by
Are you free to chose or has your fate been cast
What are the means with which we make love last

Is it love or fear that you seek to chose
Is there a limit of time on each possibility
What is it that determines who will win or lose
Do you believe it all depends on destiny
When you look ahead
What do you see

February 25 ,2005

Memory 53

Rum runner for breakfast
After barefoot walking
Sandy beachs, sail boat masts
Holding hands and talking
No tools of trade
To come in handy
We seek sun not shade
With T and Randy
Talk and laugh the day away
Dine to sweet spanish guitar
The heavy cares of day to day
Seem distant and afar
Celebrating just because
Vacation means a morning buzz
Happy thoughts and memories
Cabo San Lucas calls to me

February 24, 2005

Bend with the Wind

Bend with the wind
And flow with the changes
And in the end
You'll know the ranges
Across which life can span
You'll see more
When you believe you can
Suit your temper
To your circumstance
No need to whimper
Just sing and dance
In the face of tragedy
Bend with the wind
You will know life's majesty

February 23,2005


Awakened in the night time
By the thundering of earth
Stumbling in the darkness blind
Escaping rubble for rebirth
Standing on the beach
Watching the water wall approach
Fear frozen fixed beyond the reach
Of higher ground, No coach
To push you into action
Life and death is a fraction
Away split by seconds and choices
Days and nights ring with the voices
Of those who are left to carry on
After all they've loved and lived for is gone.

February 22,2005


Happiness isn't something I'm into.
He said with a serious air
I keep it simple, that's what I do
Cold drink, cool air, warm sun, lawn chair
I choose what's pursued and what's denied
I am not into happy, I'm into satisfied
So said Frank in reflections of his life
He was pretty much a loner
A quiet contemplative stay at homer
Not one inclined to seek our stress or strife
He lived most years unfettered
Untethered to a wife
I remember him, this tall and lanky fellow
We were close in a distant way
We were alike in that we are mellow
Everything will come and sayings such as these
Cross my mind from time to time
As I seek to squeeze
More life and love from each effort I've applied
Though perhaps not quite happy,
I'm mostly satisfied

February 21,2005

Tug of Peace

If we could see beyond forever
Would we ever stop smiling
Would we be reluctant to sever
Ties with those we love: ever whiling
Hours away in waking slumber
Heart aching, never number to the pain
Again and yet again it strives
To block the joy of love
To cloud a cloudless sky
We call the sun to our faces
Soak up the warmth as it replaces
The hurting of the past with healing
We lift our hearts with feelings
Of all our dreams and future hope
We climb together. We'll each hold the rope
Hold on tight and do not release
Forever let's keep up this tug of peace

February 20, 2005

Fear of Flying

How far can you go
Before you take a fall
How much do you know
If you think you know it all
How can you learn to dance
Sitting in the shadows
If you take a chance
Step out and just suppose
You do take a tumble
Perhaps you hit a wall
Talk was first a mumble
We walk but first we crawl
The wonders of world
Await just over there
Forsake your fear of flying
And take to the air

February 18, 2005

Look Both Ways

Look both ways
Be careful but courageous
Be one who plays
For fun is contagious
Make good friends
For they are life's treasures
Make amends
And then partake of pleasures
See clearly
Each person's uniqueness
And You will find it
It is there when you seek this
Love, always love when love comes to greet
Look both ways before crossing each street

February 17, 2005

Full House

The house is fairly full with friends and family
Still there seems to be a sense of serenity
The front door opens often and wide
It is comfort calling loved ones come inside
There are some less loved than some company
Perhaps a child who can't be named
Upon entering with parents no parenting is claimed
Set loose like a cyclone on all that's in its path
Taking stick beating ferns with misbegotten wrath
Behavior begs departure who cares who is blamed
After time eternal such visits come to end
Take care. Be good. God bless. Be gone.
And please don't come again.

February 16, 2005

Friends 4-ever

Words from friends find their way to me
What would this life be without friends?
They provide a witness to our lives
An opportunity to share and care
To listen and to hear
To speak and to be heard and
Hearing having gleaned
The meaning of each word
Felt each nick and cut
Each tickle taken
Or given as we are living
We slowly quickly turn each page
Faces ever etched by age
We continue on and on with friends
Ever in our hearts and never really gone
Friends find fulness in this life you see
And friends forever we shall be

February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day

What do lover's minds say
To define Valentine's day
To take the time for loving long
For weaving words into a song
I know I'm where I belong
I'm so much better than okay
I love being here with you
Nothing I would rather do
Than lie here in this peaceful place
Wrapped up warm in your embrace
The lovely smile upon your face
Says so much of you
It is better to give than to receive
Blessed hearts those words believe
More for joy less to grieve
For you are among the chosen few
Whose hearts are ever young and true
I am forever loving you
From my soul I say
Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2005

To A Warrior Waking

Looking out from deep within
Peaceful warrior has slept so long
Ancient times are here again
Foretelling tales in minstrel songs
Mountain maintains vigilance
Meadows make a peaceful view
He crafts the chords with diligence
Then plays chess with lover true
The yin the yang
The good the bad
All seem to hang
With happy sad
Shake off the dust of aftermath
Take your lover's hand, walk away
Down this new and hopeful path
Leading to a brighter day
Where old heartaches hurting's cease
Giving way to acceptance
And a kind of lovely peace
With no thoughts of ineptness
Freedom finally find forever
Having done all you could
May the path you choose together
Lead you ever towards the good
February 12, 2005

Reflection 23

The newness of it all
Is something I can't seem to recall
The joy of a new child
Feeling free, running wild
Times I chose to pass or punt
The wary feeling of the hunt
The joy of running and the chase
The nights spent putting off the dawn
The fragrance on the pillow case
Old stag saunters like long lost fawn
Strong sometimes and long time tested
Other times weather worn and worry bested
But as fleeting moments pass
I catch the feeling before it can fall
And once again alas I am
Astonished by the newness of it all

February 11, 2005


The third world is first on the list
The comfortable side by the beach
Being kissed by your lover
Standing in the foaming seas
Feel it tugging at your knees
Glad that shelter is within reach
Sometimes it seems like slaving
Can't concentrate due to this craving
For running on the wind
Feet barely touch the ground
In the arms of your friend
Soothing surf crashing sound
Warm glow from the distillation
Summer sunshine jubilation
Day in and day out it goes
I need sand between my toes
Do you get the gist
I need a retreat
So here goes

February 10, 2005

All Things Asian

It is the Year of the Rooster
No day for Spring
It is the time for a booster
A new song to sing
On this auspicious occasion
We will seek reflection
The serenity in all things Asian
Shibumi perfection
The quiet the calm
Peace in the palm
As a cherry blossom falls
One looks on and recalls
Youthful days that have come and gone
But life will carry on and on
Like a friendly persuasion
And all things that are Asian

February 9, 2005

Come Away

I was thinking about turquoise waters
And you walking in the soft sea breeze
I see you making sand castles on your knees
Playing with our sons and daughters
And I was wondering would you please
Come away
Come away
Walk in silence
Laugh in sun
Swim in sea
Beaching run
Dancing fast
Dancing slow
Worries past
Let's go

February 8, 2005


If paying attention keeps you on the path
Then does day dreaming leave you in the lurch
If we take the time and do the math
Will we still wind up sleeping beneath some birch
In the shadows of the city
Where the concrete is cold
The pace pulses without pity
There are stories never told
There are wondrous successes
There are sad domestic messes
Steady on and on she goes
There are one or two who suppose
The deeper meaning of it all
I thought I knew it two too
Only now I don't recall
Just what it is.
So I drift off
Towards a better aftermath
And yet, who knows

February 7, 2005

Late Winter Early Morning

Chimes are singing to the wind
Outside the cold of morning clings
To the new dew fall
Winter seems to fluctuate and bend
Ever towards the season change of spring's
High hope new life call

I awaken with season sinus ache
Trying to be quiet but stomach growling
Makes me seek to eat
But as I hasten quietly to partake
Of sustenance I hear wind howling
Calling quiet to defeat

Maladies assail so many souls
From desert sands to sea shoals
I hold the hope of spring
Its wild flowers and its foals
Soon we will put away warm winter mittens
And welcome spring with our new kittens
Hurry winter hurry past
Time for me to break this fast

February 6, 2005

Holiday Calling

We need a get away
We need to run
We do not have to stay
Just have some fun
We need magic
We don't Voo Doo
Just less tragic
And less to do
You and me
Sand and sea
Jolly Man
To be free
To walk upon some foreign soil
To forget about all this strife and toil
Get stuffed on beef fajittas
Get buzzed on margaritas
This is a need, a must
We need to kick some dust
You are all the chiquitas
That I ever will desire
Cuddle up and light the fire
Let's do it or bust
We need a get away

February 5, 2005

Happy Birthday

I wake to see your lovely face
I lay in silence and I trace
The contours as they flow
In classical perfection
They call forth my affection and so
I think of all the music and the mirth
And I say a simple prayer
And thank God that you are there
And celebrate this day of your sweet birth
You taught me to finish what I start
Now and always I love you with my heart
Though our days are numbered
And our time on earth will end when
I will sail into eternity still forever
You shall ever be my lover and my friend.
Happy birthday

February 4, 2005


Tuesday comes softly
Tugs me awake
Takes covers off me
Gives me a shake
Makes me get to it
Wake up and just do it
Another day
I work for pay
Sleepy eyed
It is my intention
To be wise
And to pay attention
What a surprise
When my friends say
Open your eyes
It's Wednesday

February 2, 2005

My Love

You came to me with a love that is boundless
Like a melody to a land that had been hither to soundless
You came like a calm comes after a storm
I welcomed you like cold welcomes warm
Like the lovely autumn moon shines from above
You light up the darkness here in my soul
There will be no fear when I hear the bell toll
For you blessed my life, heart and soul with your love
Memories eternal evermore to tell
Your face is the place I see beauty dwell
And waking it is your face I see
Now and forever you shall be
My love

February 1,2005


Let me go on dreaming just a little bit
Let me float in Neverland as I see fit
Let me lie in lavender, no need to recompense
Let me sigh softly on in sweet innocence
Where the rainbows ride on rivers
Where the snow is warm to touch
Where sunshine gives you shivers
And you can never give too much
And lovers live for loving the whole night and day long
And everyone can fly and sing and share their special song
Where life is all about the love we are giving and we are taking
Far too soon the morning comes and leads me to the waking
I am free and strong and mystic with no worries that encumber
And I walk among the ancient ones when resting in slumber

February 1, 2005

Flash Poems


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