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Flash Poety  March 2005

Flash Poems

March Flash Poetry   2005

Moving On

Your journey here is done
Some say it ended long ago
When I saw your smiling face
It did not appear to be so
Your mother put a kiss in place
And your face seemed to glow
You appeared as if a child
Yet you seemed quite aware
Of those you loved around you
Like you knew that they were there
Now you are free of your body
You paint with rainbows
Just beyond the sun
May the Grace of God
Comfort everybody
Left behind
Now that you are gone
Do me just one favor
On your eternal day
If he should chance to happen by
Please say Hi to Marcus Ray

March 31, 2005

Flight from Florida-Andrea Murat

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.  Mark Twain


Sky waters
Wisteria drinks
Spring's rain falls

Frost has formed
Frozen auto glass
Where is warm?

Loud thunder
Is spring rain coming?
Let it pour

Look In

Search your heart for answers
Be at peace with your past
Move forward like dancers
Graceful, swirling, gliding fast
When you look at life
And ask who can live this
The past can cut worse than a knife
Seek out, reach out for forgiveness
Look inside and find your strength
To face another dawn
If some relationship has run its length
Move out and then move on
March 30, 2005

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams;
Who looks inside, awakens.
Carl Jung


That is what we like to do
Plane, train, boat or car
To see something new
To go someplace far
At the drop of a hat
At the very first mention
We will up and we'll scat
With fun filled intention
We'll return somewhat weary
With more peace of mind
Some what tired but still cheery
We'll return to the grind
You in your tights
Me in my cape
We'll fight for the right
To plan our escape

March 29, 2005


The Bridge

We cross this bridge each morning
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
A line is always forming
Most times it is stop and go
We will get across
We all know we will
Timing is the difference
Between moving forward
And standing till

Life is like this bridge
See we try not to collide
From valleys and ridges
We seek the other side
Minimize our losses
And try to stay alive
Faith upon the cross is
Our guide till we arrive

March 28, 2005

Why not?

He is risen they say
On this or some other day
All sorrow washed away
Upon the cross He bore
And now and ever more
He settled the score
A gift to receive
For those who will believe
And take up their reprieve
And rejoice. Rejoice. Rejoice.
Together with one voice
It is after all a choice
Death leaves no one exemption
So why not choose redemption

March 27, 2005


Healing Time

Blessed be the wounded
For they shall be healed
Players take their places
Upon the playing field
They march upon the meadows
Once quiet and serene
Like lonely hearts in waiting
Waiting to be seen
Life is both kind and cruel
And something of a riddle
A wise man plays a fool
We're all lonely in the middle
Hoping, coping
Seeking peace of mind

Pondering wondering
Who'll be left behind
Tossed and torn
By the way we feel
Let's be blessed
We've all progressed
It is time to heal


Dream 324

We will all get along
I stood frozen
As if trapped in space
Sealed in song
The dreamscape wavered
Looking down
Eyes seeking ground
Paths not chosen
In time and place
Sensations savored
Face traced in frown
I took pause
Eyes open now
To the pain I caused
Frozen to this spot
I should move somehow
But I cannot
I look you look away
You look I look away
My eyes open on a still dark day
Thoughts streaming
Just dreaming?
Today is yesterday's tomorrow
Seeking peace forgoing sorrow


Haiku II

Sad Sarah
Purple petals poised
Please blossom



Spring has come
And with it yearning
For your smile



Where would I be if not for you
My friends and family
I face the world like we each do
Come what may to me
The richness inherent
The creme de la creme
Is all too apparent
When I look at them
If the mountains crumble
In some catastrophe
I will not fumble
Whatever you ask of me
I am among the richest men
In ones to love and care
In my heart are each of them
I am content that they are there



Some Days

Some days I'm faced with less than brilliance
I grow weary of the living lacking resilience
I contemplate the time when I will cease to be
I hesitate where I stand before the road in front of me
I wonder what I'll leave behind after I am gone
The ones I love come to mind who will carry on
Life is rich and full to the one who partakes
Who earns and learns forgiveness for his or her mistakes
Sees that forgiving others is an act that really pays
Peace of mind is priceless not just sometimes but always




Soft to gaze and touch of hand
Blue as sky or sea on sand
Joy to give to and to receive
Fine fabric of a foreign weave
Wear it short or wear it long
Roll it round you like a sarong
Unwrap slow and sensuously
Treasure chest in front of me
You are my land of honey'd milk
Subtle sweetness wrapped in silk


Cat Watch

Morning calls to chores again
Sit or move, who will win
I am faced with this sheepish grin
Thinking I must arise again
The cats are crazy
Moving fast, no sit, no lazy
Just attack, attack, attack
I watch my back
Against pouncing kitty
Who find bare feet
Oh so pretty
Watch out when she's underneath
Pretty kitty has wicked teeth.


Love Lost

Did I say till death do us part
I meant for as long as I love you
Now we face both the end and start
As we sift the rubble for what is true
One thing has changed
It is no more we
Just me. Just you
All at once estranged
Wondering whatever shall I do?
I have built my dreams around you
You were my reason to be
Changed forever since I'd found you
Now you say you must be free
To walk away, that's your will
What is the future you foresee?
Will I be okay, perhaps, but still
I will always miss you and me



The Shepherd

Feeling sheepish he walks these hills
Alone with wind and rain and chills
And ponders life and all its ills
He wonders of the paths we trod
He speaks in silence. Talks to God
Hears the stillness and gives a nod
He prays only what will be will be
He is set upon his destiny
At peace with all eternity
Blessed be one who seems forsaken
Who walks upon the road less taken
The world awaits for God to waken
One who brings a sign of hope
Casts the dangling ones a rope
Then walks alone upon the slope
Forever more to tell the tale
Of one who's seen beyond the veil


The Raft

We will set sail upon this raft
It is what we're building for
We are responsible before and aft
For how we make it to the shore
Materials abound yet
Unless we take the time to chose
Some parts may not be sound
That best not be forgotten
If we pick at random
Some pieces will be rotten
We'll not sail in tandem
So let's plan this from the start
If we are to set to sea on this boat
Let's bind it with one heart
Make it a sound and solid float
And believe we will get there
We are all a part of this solution
Set to sail with song and prayer
And with one resolution
If we do our best I think
And we're each a chum
We'll make shore and we won't sink
Be a good lad and pass the rum




Gather round this holy circle
Holding hands hailing the day
And the setting of the sun
Love billows forth like a mist
Meeting meadows we have sat upon
Songs the Spirit will transcribe
From family full freedom tribe
Eternal wind lift us higher
We stand before the midnight fire
Hand to heart to mouth we pray
Holy Holy help us carry carry on




The Wonder Years

Sounds of laughter
Sounds of song
Another chapter
As the tales goes on
The stumbling blocks
The road side paths
Life's pains and shocks
Life's love that lasts
We cannot undo
A single thing that we have done
And though it's true
Some things are clearer
When we are very young
Still I will clearly recall this day
As age draws nearer
And youth swiftly slips away
In songs we live forever and
I'll relive the way we played together
And such songs as were sung
That joy will wash away
So very many tears
Remembering these moments
That are the wonder years.




Dream Shadow

See the shadows
Sifting through the shades
Soft billowing fabric
Filters out the sun
Shade, sun, played, fused.
We spoke of sad dreams
Things that can't be undone
Love's lost and Love's found
We have walked on meadows
Played in arcades
This once thoughtless maverick
Who lived only for fun
And sailed on the streams
Of his dreams as they'd run
Now listens only for the sound
Of your approaching footfall
The click clack of your shoes
Upon the love paved pavement
In this city of my dreams
You are my dream shadow
You are the one.



Day's Daze

Day's daze
I am in a haze
Somewhere it says
It is just a phase
Joy is circling over head
Lost in thoughts of words unsaid
Songs unsung to the masses
In this glaze that passes
I shake my head to clear the air
And find a peace that's waiting there
Where ever you are, there you are
The mist clears as I play guitar
And think of summer days, warm and slow
Spent with friends in Florida and Mexico
Days spent in the Sea of Cortez
Or listening to waves on Lopez
So many thoughts that tend to please
As I sit lost in these memories




I was counting on you
But some things can't be counted
You were counting on me
I had obstacles not surmounted
Still it is truly true
At least as far as I can see
We are bound to let each other down
Yet we suffer too much needlessly
What goes round may not come round
But if we do and be the best we can
Suspect the same for our fellow woman or man
Forgive and forget and we will not find sorrow mounting
And perhaps they'll say
On judgment day
What of your sins, whose counting?


On Giving

It has been said that people give what they need
So many people are left wanting I believe
If you bring forth fruit from thoughts that you conceive
Happy you will be with thought that turns to deed
As long as we are blessed with these lives we're living
Let us stand the test of time and forever keep on giving



Mending Fences

We are not speaking
Each of us is holding fast

What are we seeking
To see which one can out last
All the while time is slowly sneaking
We disagree but it's not meant to last
We could end of all this insanity
And grant us each our humanity
Compromise and make a choice that's wise
Count to three and we'll both apologize


The Yard

There's so much to do and there's so much yet undone
The yard resembles a scene from Sanford & son
Perhaps it's the fact that I feel so tired
Perhaps it's the fact that the tabs are expired
Excuses swell like swarms of gnats
My seeming inertia is cheered by the rats who
Though never seen are seemingly there
They hide in the compost and gnaw at lawn chairs
At least they did but now they have gone
Affected adversely by ingesting Decon
I arise with a sigh and large lazy yawn
And set out with my mower to go mow the lawn



Ferns fronds fall forward
When the rain is pounding down
Their lush leaves lean toward
The rich and fertile ground
Paused, poised, lovely and profound
They dance in subtle shifts of air
They strike a pose, I sit and stare
Lost in thought as one who yearns
I sip my draught and watch these ferns


Tears of Laughter

Tears of laughter are the best tears
The come at times tested by trials
They numb our pain and arrest our fears
Humor in all sizes, shapes and styles
Like rain is to parched landscape relief
Tears of laughter help us through grief
They spice up the times that are already good
They are like Norwegian is to knowing she would
They can drench a fire started by rumor
Not much can withstand the power of humor
Sadness will fall but my hope is soon after
The tears that you shed will be tears of laughter



If God is a god of grace
Radiant sun shining from his face
And Heaven is a heavenly place
I would ask that He help fighting cease
That silent wheels would get the grease
That we would learn to live in peace
I wonder was all this in His plan
This darkness in the hearts of man
I wish we would make a hatred ban
Replace hate with hearts that care
Where no hungry homeless remains out there
There is so much if we would just share
We are all interwoven in one fate
There should not be one single empty plate
No one left out side the gate
Is that just a dreamer's dream to chase
Do you think we could slow down our pace
And make a better world through love and grace
I do. Do you?


Love or Fear

Every day is a choice between love and fear
Love is the reason that we all came to be here
A season to seek love, to feel it and to rejoice
To know love, to know life and to lift up your voice
That is what they mean when they say heaven is near


Make it Real

Anything worth doing
Is worth doing well
What an inspiration
What a story to tell

If every boy and girl
Everyone woman and man
In every corner of the world
Would do the best they can
What would the outcome be
Would we alter history
Time will tell the stories
Of our failures and our glories
Whether we walk on grass or granite
Our days are numbered here on this planet
To live, to love, to feel
We can only do the best we can
So map it out and make a plan
And then make it real


Make it Real

Anything worth doing
Is worth doing well
What an inspiration
What a story to tell
If every boy and girl
Everyone woman and man
In every corner of the world
Would do the best they can
What would the outcome be
Would we alter history
Time would tell the story
Of our failure and our glory
Whether we walk on grass or granite
For numbered days we're on this planet
To live, to love, to feel
We can only do the best we can
Map it out and make a plan
Then make it real


Flash Poems


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