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Flash Poety  August 2006
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This Pace

This pace is no kind of life
This space is a mindful of strife
This race is not mine but by choice
Freedom calls in a spent voice
Move on Move on Move on

August 30, 2006



Pink Moment

Soft clouds sat in the still sunset
Moments, memories and some regret
Do we choose to remember
What we can't forget
Sounds of September
Seep in and yet
It all comes down to love
When is it real and when is it not
When is it a too little
Or more than a lot
Quiet as the sunset went
Lost in this love and this pink moment
August 22, 2006


Here We Go

You are never finished
Until you're done
When your soul's replenished
You can move on
Don't wait until all is well
To share the story
You have to tell
Find a peace to feel and last
Cancel things
Concealed and past
Then you'll finally be
Free at last
Free at last
A new day, a new way to know
Up and at 'em off we go

August 7, 2006


Keep living

Do what you do and continue
It doesn't matter how or what venue
Let out the love that is in you
And bless us all
Bless us all

Keep living
Keep giving
We need your sunshine
Like rich fine red wine
Essence of Spirit Love divine
For Evermore
Give more and live more
Bless us all
Bless us all
August 16, 2006


Yes sir no sir
Life is just a blur sir
Careful with the cursor
Steady as she goes
If you find you slur sir
Mind it may occur sir
Windy winding whir sir
You're the one who knows
Take is easy take it slow
Make the most of what you know
August 3, 2006

Talk to Me

Talk to me
as if I matter
Let me see
sweet dreams scatter
Like seeds
on fertile ground
Walk with me
into the quiet
Squeeze me please
Come on just try it
Sweet soundless sound
Of hearts beating in time
Your heart wrapped snugly
Around mine

August 2, 2006

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