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Flash Poety  September 2005
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Greg Murat on the beach in Cabo San Lucas

Work Out

If you believe
you could achieve
anything you wanted
If you dream
Make it seem
you're undaunted
by the world
and all its woes
the weariness that shows
doubt's an enemy
attack it
Some one said to me
Are you wearing a
flack jacket
I wanted to shout

guess it's time
I must work out
I must work out
Work out
October 2, 2005

I feel a flutter

I feel a flutter
In my heart
And know not
From whence it came
I stop to stutter
Still I start
Commence the game
The leaves are in the lead
The ground is far behind
Still I must concede
It's just a matter of time
'Til the earth will wrap
In the leaves blanket
The flowing maple sap
Will be autumn's harvest
So we thank it
For easing in the winter
With lovely autumn's splendor
And the coming cold's cruel test

October 1, 2005

Look at you

Look at me
Look at you
Look away
In a moment
You'll be grown
And this will
Seem like yesterday
To a grown man
From a little
Child at play

Look at me
Look at you
Look away

September 30, 2005

Up to Us

I know it is simple
and yet I can't see
The road to take
in front of me
To do what I love

and be happy
Is that so very hard
It has been is
Only because
I have seen it as so
If I could imagine this
Do and do it some more
It could come to be
It is up to you
As it is up to me

September 29, 2005

The Coolness of the Morning

The coolness of the morning lands
Softly upon the meadows and streams
Shiver runs from feet to hands
Trembling I rise from trouble's dreams
Freedom calling us full on from sleep
Clear your mind open your heart
And take that faithful leap
It is never too soon to start
Listen to this baby's song
He can still see the angel
His words call us come along
Only a real change will
Make you one who understands
Dreams you act upon
Will free you from your bands
Look down your chains are gone

September 28, 2005

Long Strange Trip

It has been an adventure
Although somewhat deranged
I couldn't quite be sure
If it was bad or just strange
But the love we find
When we least expect it
Is like fine food that's dined
Or innocence that's protected
Anger like thunder
Arose in my breast
I would not go under
I took to the test
There was magic in motion
There was a time and a chance
There was crazy emotion
There was trance Zen a dance
There was kindness and smiles
Freedom thunder and Buddy Miles
Who is to say what is or was not
Was I talking to Sanford
Or balking at Scott
Hearts can falter a dream skids
Maybe there's hope
For Archimedes' Kids
Move on now and get a grip
I am weary and worn
From a long and strange trip

September 25, 2005

What are we doing here?

What are we doing here
Squeeze the lime sip the beer
And wait for the tornadoes
This shire is Texas
Hillbilly he'll vex us
If we are not on our toes
Lonely for family
Here with family
It is an anomaly
And so it goes
Promoters promoting
Cowboys are toting
We're lost in space I suppose
I ate some creola
The boys wait for payola
Will it come, heaven knows
I'm tired of Corona
I want to go home
A kiss for my lover I propose

September 23, 2005

We Travel Together

We travel together
We always have
No matter whether
For good or for bad
We travel in sorrow
We travel in joy
We look to tomorrow
We hold our new boy
Will our travels fall away
Will we stay put day after day
I never want to go
Our separate ways
I love you and know
We'll face what plays
We travel together
And we will for always

September 20, 2005

Where Did The Days Go

Where did the days go
It seems like I lost a few
Or maybe many I don't know
There is so much to do
Wasted chances will accrue
Life seems immortal
As we walk along the track
Putting off the portal
As our numbered days still stack
We can't see forward lost looking back
The veil is thin
Between this life and the next
What truly awaits us
Is not written in any text
If we have been aware of time, even so
I still bet we each will ask
Where did the days go

September 19, 2005

What's Up?

The stage is set
Photo op's are planned
Cockiness, you bet
He pretends to take a stand
And tell us what he was told
That we would want to hear
His lies have gotten old
I would rather have a beer
Than watch his beady eyes
And half crocked smile
They no longer disguise
The contempt in his style
He speaks of evil men
If he looked into the glass
Evil would be looking back at him
High class has never been so low
So I wish that he would go
Back to Texas and play in the dirt
It's amazing how many people
Just one man can hurt

September 16, 2005


The moon shines though the curtain
Making sleep so illusive
There's one thing that is certain
These thoughts can be intrusive
Captured by a memory
Held here by this history
Your face awakens me at Dawn
Emptiness surrounds me
Broken heart confounds me
When I realize you're gone

September 15, 2005

Fate's Fickle Finger

Fate's fickle finger
Waved at the sun
Trickles in too late
What is done is done
I guess it could be fate
We see this weed worn field
That needs a till
We stumble
At the heartlessness
Of all that is evil
Capes and camouflage
To cover up the view
Of all that is good
In this world for me and you
And if time separates us
For all of our lives
What is time any way
For no one thing survives
But love lingers
Ever after and eternally
Forever and forever
It will never cease to be
A broken heart in shadows waits
And waits and waits and waits
Until we embrace
Our fates and move on
To what will be in the majesty
Of a brand new dawn
Move on my friend, move on

September 14, 2005


Laughing makes you live longer
Crying makes your heart stronger
Praying makes your focus forward
Moving in a silent circle toward
The peace that lies within

Open up your eyes
Call upon the wise
Roll yourself a seven or
Keep your eyes on heaven
If it's heaven you can see
Soften up a hardened heart
Let love make a brand new start
Help us help us let it be
Let the healing begin
With you and me

September 13, 2005

Butterfly Wings

Inside of me
Quiet now
And just be
Like the Tao
Simply free
No tension
No shout
No mention
Let out
Hope brings dreams
On butterfly wings

September 12, 2005


Trials, troubles
Wars and rumors
Tsunamis, quakes
Hurricanes, tumors
Hope, faith, Love
Is what makes
Life really count
No amount of killing
Will change the facts
"Heal it all God willing"
No more preemptive attacks
Planes and buildings burned
What lesson have we learned
As our rescuers all toil
We invade lands to steal their oil
When will it all be done
That was not the lesson of 911
Love is like the 7th wave
In the end only love can save
Us from ourselves
Love and God and nothing else
Will we see another December
Keep your eyes open and remember

September 11, 2005

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On Being Friends

Time passes silently
As do the miles between us
Short or long and quietly
These smiles have seen us
Greet each other lovingly
And when we find we're in
A catastrophe
I wouldn't mind if again
You called on me
I enjoy your company
It is always your friend
I shall be
Forever and beyond
A smile is like a ripple
On a pond
When I finally reach
This journey's
Ever thankful
I shall be
To have called you
Friend to me

September 10, 2005

Facing Folly

Facing fear
Facing folly
It is the season
To be jolly
What is the reason
He is blind
Is he the treason
We will find
Is his contempt meant
To knock us to our knees
No more 1st amendment
That is if you please
Is it the same God
We have trusted
Remove him from his pickled pod
And she says she's disgusted
I believe that's true
Not nearly as disgusted
As we are with he and you
One might ask what would Jesus say
About all the lost souls turned away
Forgive me if I seem too crass
Wish we should fire his pompous ass

September 9, 2005

Spank You

You Smile
When you look at what you've done
A while
Has been the time that's come and gone
Is the daughter that you made
From the heart a mother gave
Thank you
For the love you bring our way
Spank you
For this is your very happy birthday

September 8, 2005


Melting Pot

It is a melting pot world
It is layered cake society
This for you and that for me
What about humanity
Life is left to the vultures
When we forget tolerance
For different cultures
Live life from the heart
Join hands don't stand apart
A smile is better than a flag unfurled
Ablo espanol in this melting pot world

September 7, 2005

Piece of Peace

Peace of mind and peace of soul
Peace of life, piece of hole
Piece of cloth to keep you warm
Peace of heart to face the storm
Piece of property to call home
Piece of peace to find it gone
Peace of life, piece of broken
Piece of night, peace unspoken
Piece of clothes with no creases
Peace of naught, life falls to pieces
Seeking now only rest and release
Perhaps a place and a piece of peace

September 5, 2005

Talkie talkie

Talkie talkie
On you go
Walkie walkie
None too slow
No time
For label's claim
No rhyme
We'll call you by name
I'll do what is asked of me
From jubilation to catastrophe
What will come, we'll wait and see
Pray to God and let it be
Thank God for the joy
Of this bouncing baby boy
No sleep, who cares, not me
So go on now and talkie talkie

September 4, 2005
It Depends

All of this diversity
PC geeks and computer hackers
In life's university
They all once were pamper packers
Now they work in code entrusting
And find glory in their programs
Still they once were diapers crusting
Time will tell us of our shams
We are on these glory roads
And can't see where it ends
If we live beyond commodes
Where will we wind up
It depends

September 3. 2005

This Bridge

This bridge lead to freedom
This bridge crossed the bay
So many things we take for granted
Until we need them
And find them gone one day
So much strain in the aftermath
Makes heroes like diamonds
Who see the stairs and climb them
Calling upon their better half
For now we are steeped in care
Worn and weary from the trial
We gaze across this bridge to nowhere
Hoping someday it will once again
Carry us mile upon mile to smiles
To comfort, warmth and shelter
Someday, some where
We will cross this bridge

September 2, 2005

Don't Blink

Don't blink. Steady stare
Or all you've worked for
Won't be there
Husband, wife, son or daughter
Lost in limbo, gone from sight
No amenities, no running water
They lightless face the coming night
Mighty winds have taken tole
The poorest were the hardest hit
City like a soup filled bowl
Hopeless hope and this is it
Shelter, a chance to live
Riches are not theirs
They take what no one will give
Seek roof tops or tops of stairs
To escape the rising flood
Live, live on, help us please
No more spilling blood
Beware the dread disease
Live, live on, help us please

September 1, 2005

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