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Flash Poems 2007-2010

July 18, 2010

Weary sigh
Fingers in position, poised,
All thoughts pending.
The new days begins again
just as night is ending
Steady as she goes boys
Keep an even keel
There's silence in the noise
Just feel the way you feel
Somehow you can take it
You can do this just begin
Have faith you can make it
By breathing out and in
breathing out and in
breathing out
Weary sigh
The wonder of it all


July 8, 2010

Ojai morning
Walking warming
I best begin it
Here in this minute
Put past past
Just forget it
From first to last
Don't regret it
Simply let it be
What was
Just was
You see


July 7, 2010

The pillar shakes
The foundation crumbles
The spirit wakes
Takes heart then stumbles
Seeking inner peace
Inside this loneliness
A long lost release
The lesson's only this
To live, to lose, to know
Love is letting go

July 6, 2010

Just about time for the clock to click
And drag me along slow and quick
Planted feet don't seem to stick
I can feel a change is coming

So much and little that I know
I am still learning letting go
Steady with the ebb and flow
I hear near distant drumming

Still I search for another song
Before I go with the final gong
A song that seeks singing along
To my heart felt guitar strumming
My heart felt guitar strumming

June 22, 2010
Shy Summer

Did Jack Frost get lost
For he failed to depart
Warm weather was the cost
Summer's failed to start
Is this just another test
To see if we'll endure
Waiting in the northwest
For clinging cold day's cure
Give us heat, give us sun
Sweet summer days arrive
Time for music, friends and fun
And for being more alive

May 16, 2010
Mistakes and Memories

These mistakes and memories from the past
Like waves come in hard and fast
Carry you away and out to sea
The future past a memory
A humble heart
A guilty plea
Letting go
Let it be
Adrift alone
No house no home
Lost in this vastness
Swimming to get past this
Dark sky dark water no bliss
Not knowing if you can out last
These mistakes and memories from the past

May 8, 2010
Morning of the Cleanse

Tick tock tick tock
So speaks the kitchen clock
Splish splash fish dish ho hum
I looking listen to aquarium

Gurgle gurgle around bends
I struggle with this inner cleanse
While waiting for eluded wealth
I hope this cleansing leads to health

Dim dim living room lights
Seems less like days, more like nights
This cleansing is so far from fun
Excuse me I have got to run

Twenty Ten

More numbers, more days
More slumbers more haze
More reasons to cope
More seasons to hope
As we all act our our plays

Awaiting the big boom
Pontificating doom
Reeling reasons to rejoice
Caught in constant choice
Roaming room to rome

Yearning for our youth
Content to vent the truth
The year turns new again
We set out on 21-10
Stalled still seeking voice
More dryness and less moist

On Volcanoes

They were here before time
And throughout history
Lava land that climbs out from
Far below the great green sea
Natures wonderful construction
Part creation part destruction
They crash or crumble clout
Grumbling deep and long
Some softly creeping out
Some in thunderous song
Crashing forests down
Toppled trees like toothpicks spilled
Erasing whole entire towns
Thousands of living were lost or killed
So why would on earth become
A volcanologist
Must be a lava love for some
Not just a trifle trist
They face the fire and watch it burn
All just so they can live and learn
They seek to see what there is to see
Rich lives whose end may be abrupt
They watch these wonders come to be
Mountains that hiss, explode and erupt
Volcanologists see volcanoes everyday
Me, I'm quite content to watch from far away
December 19th, 2009

The More I Listen

The more I listen the more I hear
It does not come as a surprise
Stopping, stilling, seeing clear
I see more with ears than eyes

Draped in autumn's camouflage
I soak up the wonder of this season
Seek ceasing self wrought sabotage
Regardless of the reason

Imagine this world at peace and free
Seeking spirit's growth I see
That when I release that which I fear
The more I listen the more I hear

November 10, 2009

The More I Listen

The more I listen the more I hear
It does not come as a surprise
Stopping, stilling, seeing clear
I see more with ears than eyes

Draped in autumn's camouflage
I soak up the wonder of this season
Seek ceasing self wrought sabotage
Regardless of the reason

Imagine this world at peace and free
Seeking spirit's growth I see
That when I release that which I fear
The more I listen the more I hear

November 10, 2009


Cue that query
Feeling weary
Eyes are bleary
More of the same
Feeling dreary
No more beery
Might get cheery
That's my claim
The up days are better than the down
Feel the need to up and flee this town



Lasso now there is a good one
Ah so, how. where 'd that come from
You feel smart, love makes you dumb
You know; on the outside looking in...

There was a time when you felt needed
Part of a whole, somehow completed
Now you feel like you've been deleted
Like an old forgotten file

It is always time to begin again
Reach out and touch a friend
You feel yourself racing to the end
So face it with a smile

Now brace yourself for the coming cold
Reinvent the things that you've been told
Seems you've become something to scold
Like a loser who came to win

Every thing will pass so
Life is like a lasso
Easy come not so easy go...

October 1, 2009


Learning my way
Steady as she goes
Thru another day
So the story goes
It is bliss and joy and strife
The winning the the losing
Is all so confusing
Still it is all a part of life
This phase is such a mystery
And so it will remain
As we repeat our history
It's a losing game,
A gesture and a rhyme
Until we come to know
Every thing will come in time
So we can learn to let them go

September 11, 2009

Is Winter Coming?

Feeling better playing now
Wearing sweater saying how
Winter is creeping in
Not fall yet still I sense it
Rain fall wet will commence it
Splinters seeping in
Winter slowly creeping in
Heads up now no bumming
Is Winter Coming?

August 23, 2009


At peace

August 9, 2009

A Sparkle

A sparkle, a twinkle
Only for that moment
A quantum wrinkle
Some cosmic component
What makes a connection
When a spirit seems to know
We are all part of one another
Does affection make it grow
Like a sister or a brother
Like a lover like a friend
We are all really one in the end.

August 9 , 2009


A Worm's Tale

Dirty digit inclined to fidget
Popped into my mind today
Unearthing worms
On any terms
Is boys work and play
What is it with these slimy creatures
That does so fascinate
The texture and reshaping features
Through time still does equate
To an adventure and a quest
We put them to the test
We catch them and release them
We don't fish and we don't eat them
Lucky worms set free
To be all a worm can be
Until next time...

June 7th, 2009

Morning Pause

Tapping not so little feet
Padder across the living room
Beautiful bride brightens the day by being
Loving though not altogether sweet
As we humans are want to be
She makes my life complete
We are not among the many who
Too soon forget the bride and groom
With open eyes not seeing

This little one brings pause
Opens up our hearts
To a higher cause
Doesn't need bloodline
With this Spirit we define
You, you and me
You are my family

April 13, 2009

Why So Sad?

Brother, friend
Why so sad
You have walked in shadow land
To return with wings and songs
It's okay to forget
But don't forget too long
Love is an illusion
Wrought with worry woes
If it is anything but kind
It's time to live and let it go
So no more cloak and blade
No more dust and jade
Sing the things you Know
Spirit calls so serve it
Embrace life with joy
For you know you deserve it
Little girl Little boy
Neither good nor bad
Find your joy my brother friend
That you might wonder in the end
Why was I so sad?

March 26, 2009

Child playing in the snow

Story Time

Day is closing
It's been fine
Some trials posing
Clouds. Sunshine
Family groups
To wine and dine
Chinese soups
Yours and mine
Now little soul
Shows weary sign
Day is closed
It's story time

February 8, 2009

Morning Pause

Tapping not so little feet
Padder across the living room
Beautiful bride brightens the day by being
Loving though not altogether sweet
As we humans are want to be
She makes my life complete
We are not among the many who
Too soon forget the bride and groom
With open eyes not seeing

This little one brings pause
Opens up our hearts
To a higher cause
Doesn't need bloodline
With this Spirit we define
You, you and me
You are my family

April 13, 2009

Josh and Sariah

Sariah and her Papa Josh

Circle of Love

The circle of life
Radiate innocent eyes
Reflecting reasons
That life continues on earth
That family makes it all worthwhile

Listen to the fife
As it plays to the reprise
Sensing the seasons
That began before our birth
Like this bond of love that makes us smile

January 23, 2009



I Hear Sariah Singing

I heard an angel singing last night
The video was dim due to lack of light
But Sariah sang so sweetly
In her soft and dreamy voice
I was taken in completely
Swept away without a choice
To a place of peace to ponder
The miracle of our family
Today I sit and wonder
Just where I would be
If not for love
Soft cooing dove
Joy to be bringing
I hear Sariah singing
January 10, 2009




A New Shade of Gray

Whether the weather will wake us
With rain, or with snow
The high and the low
Tend to shake us
From our reverie

Ten inches of rain tends to flood
Leaving us the mud, the crust and the crud
Still I awake and rejoice in the day
And I discover a new shade of gray
Subtle yet savory

The percussion of torrential rain
Such substantial symphonic sustain
The scene seems set for raincoat clad dancers
Puddle pouncing water soaked romancers
Frolicking fantasy

A blustering birthday to me
No flooding as yet, praise be

January 7, 2009


A Prayer

For all the lost and lonely longing for the light
Recall the cost and only reach out into the night
And believe it 's true we are one big family
He said what you do unto them you do to Me

What is the world with the absence of charity
Folks sleep curled up outside with their disparity
Beauty still abounds within the human spirit
The still small voice still speaks if you'll only hear it

Peace like a river was always meant for flowing
If you feel a shiver it is because your spirit's knowing
Giving is the answer to the question seldom asked
Living is for learning and for seeing what is masked

If it is true that we create what we foresee
Then I foresee a world where no one is hungry
Where all are homed and fed and loved
Dressed up for the cold, hated, coated, gloved

Don't be brought down by the news or some sad rumor
Lift your spirit high in love and keep your sense of humor
Love all your neighbors as you would have them love you
And in the end maybe you can love yourself too

December 22, 2008

For those whose basic needs don't seem to be their right
We can change the world


Twelve degrees and dropping
The snow flakes aren't for stopping
The branches start to creak
The roof has sprung a leak
It's time for Ditty Bopping
In this winter wonderland

The Christmas songs are playing
It's time to go out sleighing
There's good times for the taking
Snow angels to be making
This winter might be staying
Since this snow is in command

Inside outside as you please
We're a family
Making memories
Beneath these snow capped trees
December 20, 2008

Iced In

The morning frost both bites and tickles
As I crunch beneath the long ice cycles
That reach down towards the snow
The icy chill in the morning air
Reaches through my out and underwear
Back into the house I go
Soon I will be a reindeer
For Santa Kayden's sleigh
Grateful for warm house here
After outside we did play
We work to pay the electric bill
To chase away the winter chill
Still love shines bright upon this hill
And I wouldn't trade a day
Departing from the long depressed
Grateful I am deeply blessed
By my family
Merry Christmas
To you and me
Pass the hot chocolate please
December 15, 2008


Little man is not for sleeping
Long past bedtime he is keeping
Watchful eye with flash light flashing
To see what spirits may be dashing
Amid the shadows creeping

As for me it's bedtime too
It only seems the thing to do
The sweet escape of dreaming
No tumultuous troubles scheming
This peace of mind to undo

I have learned this thus
I must apply it
When it comes to Christmas
You can't buy it

Magic is for free
And the Sandman is on leave
At least this I must believe
As sleeping I won't be
No matter how many bells do chime
Until little man succumbs to sleeping time

My blurry eyes still see
The world's waking tale
I am longing for the veil
And to just pass through it
Sleep. Sleep. Just do it
Spirit rest. Renew it
Live to tell the tale.
It's bedtime.
Bed time.
Bed time.

December 1, 2008

Sail Away Free

We were like the three amigos
Laughing loudly here in Cabo
So many margarita's
The night, the moon, our senorita's

A time truly meant to be
Hands on hips and saying "See!"
Don't miss the cigarettes
But Pure joy eclipsed regrets

Cares fled freely far to roam
One hand remained tied to home
Sometimes you felt descended on
There were so many that depended on

You being there and taking care of business
It's who you were, one meant for forgiveness
You were not one who was want to whimper
At times I saw the flaring of your temper

This I say in truth for it's no rumor
It was far out weighed by your humor
What is life? What is destiny?
We're human, the best that we can be

At any given point in time
Sail free, let your light shine
You are ever in my heart
Life long friend, late start

Leave these worldly cares behind
The bills, the stress, the daily grind
I'll keep your memory here with me
Sail away my friend you're free

I will see you in the end
You will always be my friend
Heaven's within reach
Purple sunset, sandy beach
Sail away free
Sail away free
Sail away

October 19th, 2008

Mama I Need You

Mama I Need You
It's time for bed
Are you listening
Did you hear what I said
I need to know who I am
Where I am going
Get there I can
I need you to hold me
Just for a minute
Maybe an hour
But it won't be long
I will be gone
I bet you'll remember
What I said
Mama I Need You
You came to my bed
What'd we do today
I would say
And we would talk
How we played
and went for a walk
You stayed until I was sleeping
My dreams were sweet
Because I am in good keeping
I wish

October 29th, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

Wide open spaces
Being in places
Here in now
Smiling faces
Cool Oasis
Hear and how

The wonder of the moment
Holds the meaning of the universe
Live in it and own it
From first breath unto the hearse

The measure of a person
And the life they live
Is not in what they accumulate
But in how much they give
September 6, 2008

Quiet Now

Quiet now
Try it now
Buy it now
Fry it now
Dry it now
Fly it now
What this day wants
Is some peace
And a bit of silence
Quiet release
More precious
Than the golden fleece
If you are mindful of such things
Lest there be a nightingale that sings
A sweet song of surrender
To the wonder of it all
A siren's song to serenade
The sleep to which we fall

August 25 2008

Tickle Me

No Tickle me papa
I am telling mama
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Papa tickle me
You say no him mama
Twinkle in eye I see
Mumpa papa tickle me

Papa crying mama
Kayden laughing
Mama loves it
When you're happy
Papa loves it too

Let's walk on the sand
Holding hands
Wearing no shoes
Pamum papa tickle me

August 19, 2008

Happy Day

So many and yet not so many years ago
We stood in this same place and said I do
Little did we know the things that we'd go through
There are quite a few things that I've come to know
One is I could go through anything
As long as it's with you

So happy anniversary to my love and my best friend
We watch the seasons come and go together
I don't feel there is any storm
Our love could not weather
One thing I cannot fathom is that this could ever end
The bad things seem less worse
And the good things just get better

The beauty of the sunrise is in you while you sleep
And now until the end of time I just want to keep
Awaking to you next me and snuggle up real tight
It is love that makes life worthwhile
Every day and every night
And we'll fall asleep counting all our blessings
Instead of sheep

August 17, 2008

On Friends

Amazing friends lift you up and make you taller still
In the end you'd defend them with your mind and will
And the task you undertake from beginning until it's done
The flask and smiles, the chatter and styles
All make it fun
Well begun is half done and so I see it is
Our hopes are here in sharing with our friends
If there is one thing I know it is simply this
I wouldn't trade a single soul I'd make amends
Not just because loneliness is an abyss
Friends are treasures beyond being told
They make the best and break the mold
It is best to hang on to every one
Be a friend when all's said and done
Be a friend when all's said and done
And you are the very best of one


Nagging gnawing in the pit
Just let me sleep I quip
Another day is done

Cool water take a sip
Exquisite and so sweet
Refreshing and fun

What is this I ask fate
There is no food upon plate
No hot-dog and no bun
August 10, 2008


Couples walking hand in hand
Turn and walk away
Never thinking it could end
Until the ending came
Something lost so long ago
Things could never be the same
It only took some time to show
Forgiveness lost to blame

Talking lost to silence
Sharing somewhere else
Seeking only to complain
If blaming blame ourselves

Sweating hands can't get a grip
To easy to release and slip
We stumble as we sway
Life is both growing and decay

We drift with the tide
We brace and we equip
This once best friendship
Is strong enough to ride
Further further
And further still
If there's something I can do
I will
So I seek the source of positivity
I forsake the cause for negativity
Letting go, release and say simply
Let it be
Let it be
Let it be

August 9, 2008

Some Summer

Summer sweaters keep us warm
Here in this state of Washington
Passing youths dressed for a climate
I cannot sense or feel
This cold that chills the air
Feels all too real head to heel
Though tank tops and short shorts
Are par for these sunny days
The breeze blows from the arctic
Peeling warmth like pre-sliced cheese
Although I can appreciate
The bare knees and tanned skin
When the sun goes down
You'll see me going in
Bundled against the cold
Some skin will still expose
I will not be supper time
For these massive mosquitoes
July 22, 2008

Time Passing

The new dawn the new earth
The new life the rebirth
The time passing always spent
Cannot be held and won't relent
So life is how you feel
As for time it isn't real

July 7, 2008

This Morning

This morning comes with quiet
No thought of must have, must buy it
Just a stillness as I listen to the rain
I stand between the raindrops and the pain
Grateful for yet another day again

For day time turns into the night
We sleep or lie and listen for the light
For surely morning comes for you and me
Yet another chance to live and truly be

In presence there's a sweetness that is free
Presence brings both abundance and prosperity

June 7, 2008


One Morning Walking

Children singing holding hands
Skipping down the street
It is a wondrous part of the dance
Where old and young ones meet
The twinkle in a stranger's eye
Who doesn't miss a thing
Crinkled corners curling smile
A comic comment brings
Children skip on rhyming
Sprinkling joy upon the air
All in classic timing
Those moments free from care
Close your eyes remember when
In a dreamlike world
Near an early age of ten
There was no javelin you couldn't hurl
In the Good remember when
Moment by moment while moments stand
We will embrace our lives hand in hand
And we will make more memories
Come now and walk with me
May 4,, 2008

Letting Go (Open G)

These are the days we talked about
All of those years ago
We dared some dreams
We shared some doubt
It's all about letting go

Letting go
Letting go
It's all about letting go

She who forgives
Shall be forgiven
She'll learn to live
While she is living
Still even so
It's all about letting go

Letting go
Letting go
It's all about letting go

Time's standing still
As we race along
Time will remain
Long after we've gone
It's only show
It's all about letting go

Letting go
Letting go
It's all about letting go

Winter to spring
Earth turns to green
Hope is renewed again
Don't miss the moment my friend

Letting go
Letting go
It's all about letting go

See what you see
Set yourself free
Let life be in every breath
Be here and now
Make love your vow
May we find peace and be blessed

Letting go
Letting go
It's all about letting go

April 7. 2008

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Flash Poems of the Month

Cabo San Lucas Web Cam

Simple Pleasures

Saturday morning
Kayden and me
Mr. Potato Head
Let it be
Grayness grounded
In wet grass
Things we said
In the past
Come to mind
Watching wet leaves

Simple pleasures
Aimed to please
Donald Duck
Loudly napping
Feeling stronger
Spirit tapping
Thoughts aspire
To altitude
As we conspire
With gratitude

No matter where you are
There you are
So it is written
In the stars and cards
Lest life pass you by
May I mention
Time does fly
So pay attention
March 14, 2008


I used to joke no one gets out alive
In reference to the lives we are living
But as I've struggled just to breathe
It doesn't seem so funny anymore
Knowing life is a gift of giving
Limited only by time from birth to final rest
All that is in between is a party or a test
To know joy completely is a goal
Best achieved by releasing any thoughts of goals
Looking outward for opportunities to be of service
Either that or to be in servitude to thirsts
That are never quenched no matter how drenched
They are in our desire they reflect only fire
That burns forever with no warmth
A kind heart can light the darkest day
And give the gift of hope to each one it touches
There is no measure a man can meet
Or any gift so sweet for which to strive
Living in this way one comes to know
The difference between existing and being alive

February 27 , 2008


Don't have much to say these days
It is all about surviving
Dreams that came and slipped away
Reach out and seek reviving
I walk in slumber often lost
Seeking my way back
I crumble at the constant cost
Losing what I lack
But there is hope on the horizon
And it is just this side of death
Love forever will survive when
There is life in every breath
I watched the cherry blossom fall
No need for a correction
And peace prevailed just like a wall
Such was its perfection
February 3 , 2008

Midnight Musing at 6 pm

reflecting on family
rage to melody
sage melancholy
such harmony
far from me
muse wick
just for fun

blossom forms
from changing seasons
resonates time
wind chimes
sing us into twilight
day is done


Drop It

The baton of bitterness was handed me
It engulfed me though I could not see
Until I realized that I was free
And I dropped it on the sand

I reflected on what I had learned
The bitterness that I discerned
It angered, it hurt and it burned
But to drop it felt just grand

I hear from softly cooing dove
With every test it's best to love
And doing so we rise above
Live love and let it stand

This lesson that I learned will last
Future does not equal past
Obstacles will be surpassed
Be present as we planned

This is my reality
In loving there is liberty
Let love go and let it be
Ever on demand

Like sweet summer's jubilation
Let love be your inspiration
Peace be your contemplation
Let lovelessness be banned

We see a worn out road and pave it
Receive and thank the One who gave it
This is our world so let us save it
With loving hearts and hands
With loving hearts and hands
January 2, 2008

Another Day

Kermit on TV
Kayden and me
At the table
Mama in chair
She's sleeping there
As she is able
Let losses be
Feel feeling free
Forsake the fable
You get more done
You have more fun
When things are stable
Doubt says that you're done in
Rise up and defeat it
If you ship doesn't come in
Swim out to meet it
December 7, 2007

The Winds

The wind is still this chill morning
The streets are quiet as we drive
Feebly clinging leaves await their drop
As winter comes with fall adjourning
I am glad and grateful to be alive
Because time moves on and will not stop

Gather close family and friends
Together face the winter winds
Nov. 3, 2007

What new season brings

I gather my guitar
Start to strum and sing
Thoughts flowing freely
And freely flowing bring
The gift of a song on the wind
So swift as autumn rushes in
Again I stand in awe
Of the equinox display
Wonder water color wash in full array
Both in the sky and in the changing trees
Winter wind replaces summer breeze
Each season there for all austerity
Spirit, mind and heart in full prosperity
Though winter winds
Would extract their toll
This changing season
Finds me free and whole
Oct. 25, 2007

Cool Breeze

Frost formed on breath this day
Beach sands warm sun far away
Sensing season's change upon us
Tree's leaves sway an Adonis
On parade
Still stillness says so much
Warm smile tender touch
It's time that one forgets
Lost longings and sad regrets
A charade
We were meant to live well
Gathering memories to tell
To little ones upon our knees
Waves washing cool breeze
An arcade
Wide open to it all
I'll catch you if you fall
Lean on me and me on you
No trading love that's true
And displayed
Closed eyes
Yes please
Warm sand
Cool breeze
Oct. 4, 2007

A Year in a Minute

Time blows by like waves on sand
Who sees the hour glass or watch hand
Breath left on this morning one year ago
I confess I knew grief I never sought to know
But magic was woven in a mystic mystery
Gone you brought together this distant family
Care for caring no measure met to tally
Hearts for hearts seeking only to rally
Helping to heal those of us left to live
Comfort consoling we came only to give
Now scattered once again like chaff in the wind
Some seem to have forgotten the value of a friend
So it goes from dawn to dusk to dawn to dusk to dawn
For each of us there is an end until then life goes on
Oct. 12, 2007

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