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Flash Poety  May 2005
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If you were here
We could discuss the Fickels
And drink a beer
Eat some pickles
Give a cheer
For the fun of it
Drink until we're done with it
Maybe we'd solve the riddle
Maybe we wouldn't try
Maybe we would stay in the middle
Maybe we wouldn't pry
Into things that are tied
To things tied to other things
Maybe I would be the one who sings
Maybe we would all sing along
Some happy memories, some favorite song
Maybe fun would be our duty
As we all sang along to Boody Wah
Boody Wah Boody Wah Scoody

April 30, 2005 Clearwater Beach


I awaken on a new day dance
Thankful that I have this chance
To live, to love, to laugh and cry
To live so life won't pass my by
To spend some time with the Bible
To pray forgiveness for what I'm libel
To seek to find and know the truth
To age better than I lived my youth
To thank my lucky stars above
That I had the chance to love

April 28, 2005

The morning whispers
Moist fog crawls across valleys
Hiding earth's rebirth


Yesterday I learned to tie my shoe
I chased a squirrel for 7 blocks
Stopping in surroundings that were new
Pulling cockle burs from my socks
I contemplated my predicament
Just what the recent chase had cost
As mindlessly on and on I went
Tears burst forth for I knew was lost
All in all it ended well
Though I don't recall how I found my way
But I am here to tell
Being lost is not my favorite even to this day

Man with his many imperfections
Is better served by asking for directions

April 27, 2005

Crease in Time

Take time and fold a crease
Wonders that never cease
To amaze my intellect
Cause me to reflect
On choices that I had made
Blind to how behavior can jade
Someone or something innocent
In and out and in I went went
Never more the wise
So cleverly disguised
I didn't know who I was
Angry child steering all because
Of a bit of undigested emotion
Some sad submerged commotion
Lingering, fingering anger's trigger
Acting small but feeling bigger
Striking like a snake
Blind to the mistake
Give me please some inner peace
Take time and fold a crease

April 26, 2005

Easy Does It

Easy does it as the new day begins
Grumbling stomache echoes sins
Of a certain over indulgence
And longing for calm to commence

And quiet my abdomen's
Morning song sung in alien
Awakened with dry mouth and thirst
I listen and wait for my tummy to burst
Some creature to flee across the room
Leave me pushing up daisies that bloom
But soon enough the feeling will pass
Lo and behold it's only gas

April 25, 2005


Now there is a word
That I heard
Referring to lying
Deferring , trying
To soften the behavior
Of our politicians
Lacking inhibitions
Saying savior
Sacking contrition
Lies on lips forming
A platform that denies
Green house gases
Global warming
From a place of fame
Forgetting the masses
Wearing shame
That never meets their eyes
Let truth be continuous
Open the eyes and hearts
Of the ingenuous

April 23. 2005

True Treasure

Where does the treasure lie
On the journey or when it ends
We do our best to get by and
It's made easier by friends
In our lives a time is fixed
When every thing becomes quite clear
Though our feelings may be mixed
We know who we are and why we're here
We've all had times we thought
We would not make it
We've lost at fights we've fought
Said we couldn't take it
Painfully we eased up from the ground
And were helped up by a friend we'd found
Breathing in and out
One breathe by one
We faced another bought
And found out we'd won
A friend blesses every woman and man
Heaven help us help us because we can

April 22. 2005

Thank You

For these sunny skies
And for these days that rain
For these teary eyes
For the joy and for the pain
For the jubilation
And for the misery
For each situation
For my family
For the music that I make
For the players who play
For all, both the give and take
For the friends who choose to stay
For the earth below and stars above
For every thing that still rings true
For the miracle that comes with love
For all of this and more, thank You.

April 20. 2005


The earth in form is circle shaped
The sun is like a circle draped
Suspended there against the sky
Giving life, causing some to die
The wheel of life leaves no escape
So is there a reason to be
Seeking the reason sets you free
From losing to some concession
From feeding your depression
Ride the circle round and see
We are all really very much the same
We stumble through this circle game

April 21. 2005



Work like it all depends on you
Pray like it all depends on God
May your words be kind and true
When there's a chance to serve please nod
A heart can be battered and bruised
When innocent of the crime accused
Love seems all unfair and just a ruse
Stout hearted still care for the accuser
Give God the chance to humble the refuser
We are each us just flesh and bone
Share living for we are born and die alone
Keep God's face before you
In your mind's eye
Know when it's time to stop
And when to try
Let God, Let go
Wait. Trust. He'll show

April 16, 2005

Walk On

What is there
Something that
Once was here
Do you care
Did you shed
One single tear
Who is this
A new burst of light
In your life
A new kiss
A new adventure
Far from strife
One is out
One is in
One will shout
One will grin
Love is blind
Heart will crack
Love is kind
Love is lack
One fell on her face
Wept on the sod
Was granted grace
Lifted by God
Walked off alone
Toward tomorrow
Headed to heaven
No more sorrow
Love has gone
Love is here
Just walk on
He is near

April 19. 2005

Pay Attention

Pay attention
Or you will pay
Pray mention
How you feel, say

An invention
That would convert
All pretension
And heal all hurt

Would find use
Every where
And stop abuse
When it was there

No machine
Is called to task
Find serene
That's what we ask

Reach out
Soft as a dove
Be stout
And show your love

April 15, 2005


Time spent together
Whether we talk or not
That time whenever
Is best because we've got
So much that matters
So we stay aware
If our world tatters
We continue to care
Caring for each other
This and no other
Thing except grace
And trust in our Lord
Helps us keep pace
And await our reward
When I awake
It's your face I see
I could do that
For eternity

April 18. 2005


Define the effect of time
It is different for each
But character will make us shine
And is within our reach
It's not weak to seek forgiveness
Or meekly give the same
Just how much can you live with
There is no honor in shame
Know when to say I will
And when to say I won't
When it comes to some new thrill
If in doubt, then don't
Life races on
Page by Page
Far too soon it's gone but
Love and honor never age

April 12, 2005


With effort and with focus
Your success is exponential
It isn't hocus pokus
To reach your full potential
Though challenges may be severe
The prize awaits those who persevere
There is no limit to what you can achieve
If you will but truly in your heart believe

April 14, 2005



Homeward find me
Haven call me
Hear me pray
Wayward wandered
Fortune squandered
Help me stay
In the shelter
Of your love
I have dreamed of
The comfort felt there
Let me learn to share
Let me be
A beacon for thee
Shine Your light
Not mine
Call me home Lord
Ever homeward
Let Your and only Your
Light shine

April 10, 2005


Sleepy eyes
Return to work
No more wise
No more a jerk
Stumble blind
About my tasks
Computer grind
Help one asks
Home again
To carry on
Home and then
Were we really gone

April 11, 2005



Grandfathers watching
Ageless as time
Generations come and go
Grandfathers live on
Straight and true as honor
Or what used to be a vow
Men will go to dust
As the great ones look on
Recalling when the people
Walked among them
And sought to be wise
Ancient ones who understood
Majesty and magic of these woods
Reaching heavenward
All their days
Not for honor
Only to give praise

April 8 2005


Long Beach Cabin
Cottage by the sea
Time for reflection
Time to let it be
Time to take it easy
Before we head back home
A week can pass so fast
When you are out on the road
With no particular agenda
No plan before your eyes
Time to sit on the verandah
Lay back and realize
That life is just a moment
When you stop and take a look
Forget the rhyme or reason
Spend some time with a good book
And make that moment count
When all is said and done
Hopefully you've done some good
And you have had some fun

April 9, 2005

State Line

State Line
New day
New state
More country
Can't wait
Funky town
Passing through
On to see
Something new

April 6 2005

Rain Clouds

The rain has found us
All down the coast
Clouds surround us
Thunder's our host
Rain and rain
And more to come
No surprise, no shame
We're from Washington
Rain helps to paint the scene
A deeper blue
And greener green

April 7 2005


Down time

Morning cuddles
Crashing waves
Down time
Splashing puddles
Close shaves
Clock ticking
No one counting
Yours mine
Soft picking
Stress surmounting
This is truly fine

April 4 2005

I Got A Key

Two keys is what you get
Every where we stayed
Three there were
But one went without
And too bad if they strayed
But it was cold outside
And out side they would be
Lucky I never left the room
Or the locked out would be me

April 5 2005

Hi Ho

What do fools say
When they pass this way
On a fine April day

Do they give thanks
Do they play pranks
Do they rob banks

All around the nation
They seek information
And suffer constipation

Are they trouble skirting
Disaster flirting
Head hurting

I don't really know
But it's up and off I go
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho

April 1, 2005


April Flash Poems 2005

Road Trip

Driving down the road in Oregon
Feel the tension lose its grip
Set out upon this road we're on
No plan per say just a trip
A change of scene for days and hours
Away from sound waves and tracks
Aimless drive to see new flowers
Away for a time to just relax
Three parts of our family
Head to coast to see the sea

April 3, 2005

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