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Flash Poety

Flash Poems


Watchers waiting
Wondering what's coming
Turning running
From ourselves
Straight to ourselves
When all is done
So we watch out
For one another
Knowing we will stumble
Ourselves or some other
We will stand and crumble
Two is always better than one
Just knowing someone is there
Someone with whom we share
An embrace or ward off an attack
Waiting watching one another's back

June 29,2005


Who Knows?

What thought stirs this fine day
What creative wind blows my way
A call to loving arms or to the highway
Coffee clearing consciousness may show

A dream dreamed and believed waking
Seemed impossible but is there for taking
Love is forever mending hearts and breaking
Which lot is ours we cannot know

Sensibility not with standing
Love can be costly and demanding
And often beyond our understanding
Yet clearly blinded off we go

June 28, 2005

How Much

I can, I know I can
I can rise and move
I can touch
I can inhale and exhale
I can put one foot
Before another
Tanned or pale
I discover
This man I am
Can soothe a child
Can be free and wild
Untamed unbridled
No reins unsaddled
Or calm and quiet
Cool collected
A storm a riot
Close connected
To my lover
I am there
To tests put
Time will prove
How much I care
How much I care
How much

June 27, 2005


Away today to the island
Off and running
Talking smiling
Time for funning
Laughter sunshine
Good food good wine
What can I say
I am due for holiday
You might ask
Why then do I stay
Good question say I
And so I am up and away

June 25, 2005

Once Gray

Gray was my hair
Once upon a time
Now it is white
Day is not fair
Iron cast chime
No sun in sight
But a memory
Warm and fine
Makes me happy
As I recline
And relax
Just a bit sore
Forgetful of facts
Yet needing no more
Than this moment
Gray hair gone white
Good day good time spent
And now it's time
To say good night

June 26, 2005

Stillness Broken

I stood in the hallway
I stood in silence
The stillness broken
By creaking floors
And night bird calls
I planned my course
Not touching the walls
No word was spoken
From that day hence
I walked your way
You stood in shadows
And called me to you
In passion or pathos
I passed right through you
To the the emptiness beyond
And the dream darkened dawn
June 23, 2005

Will Bone Weary

Will Bone Weary
Awoke with a start
A very slow start that is
Scratching his backside
And rubbing his heart
He wondered if Weary
Was up to the task
Of facing the day
Or sharing a glass
In an effort to feel more alive
Will Bone Weary is weary
Of trying so hard to survive.
Now I lay me down to sleep
He said as he arose
And set out in order to seize the day
While he dreamed of late evening's repose

June 24, 2005

Great Love

Passion is the fuel it takes
To drive our dreams to fruition
Passion for the love that makes
Our hearts guide our intuition
Monuments and obelisks
Signify the result of risks
For great love they are great
If great love is our fate
Blessed is he or she
Who true love takes
Sad is he or she
Who true love forsakes

June 21, 2005

Go For It

Your dreams are meant for you
Your dreams are meant to come true
Blessed is the one who has no guile
No secrets harbored behind a smile
So much in life is really up to you

Life is a labyrinth explore it
When despair knocks ignore it
Your dreams are the life in your spirit
You have a song in your heart so hear it
When you do, be true and go for it

June 22, 2005


Put your shoulder to the wheel
Back braced you get the feel
Of when to push and when to pull
Relentless work of which your day is full
Then you head home for a meal
Then you sleep my weary friend
Only just to rise and do it all again
Work and work so you can succeed
With your name not even on the deed
Is this a game that you can ever win
If you weary of the travail and clay capped dome
Pack your minstrel bag and bring your body home

June 20, 2005

Pintle Please

Like a door hinge missing its pintle
Sometimes I am off balance
Sometimes I feel mental
And then just by chance
The kind words of a friend
Remind me I am not alone
I need not pretend
To be
Here in this damaged world
Where hope some how remains
In the light of eternity
Through our losses and our gains
In spite of tragedy
The door swings out and in
If you fail, try then try again

June 17, 2005

The Silence

The silence slices through the night
Parts the veils beyond the stars
Basking in this holy light
Knowing this is not a farce
Love lights the core of the sun
Love is the essence of the One
Unleashed from grave gravity
We gaze upon this purity at
Things past, present and yet to be
Soaring skyward with delight
We face our final destiny
The silence slices through the night
Just beyond forever we will see


June 15, 2005

Sand Castles

This beach scene is playing in my dreams
Hick cups are coming from the baby
It's too hot to slip into my jeans
Burpy Mendosa is trying to sleep, Maybe
He would like a walk out into the sun
I wonder will he someday ride the waves
Walking him on the beach would be such fun
Will sunshine and sand be things he craves
I have walked many beaches in my day
And I will walk many more before my night
So I will sing and write and play
And watch my wife surf under her kite
Sipping suds and watching my fair maiden
Building castles in the sand with my grandson Kayden

June 19, 2005


Let us gather and share our harvest
Let us raise a glass in celebration
Singing songs that reflect this
Love that is like a constellation
Like the northern star
That guides us through the night
Calls us come to together where you are
And brings this love to light
Like the lunar light illumines
True love lets us all be humans

June 14, 2005

On The Horizon

There. Look on the horizon
The crescent moon is rising
Summer seems to be slipping in
Like days that have by gone
Like old pants that need resizing
Another year is passing with a grin
I foresee a sign that says vacancy
Here upon my office door
I wonder what will be next
Perhaps I've given in to complacency
Content that less is more
What if wealth was waiting in this text
I wonder what's in store

June 16, 2005

Coffee for a Friend

He walked down the street
With a smile on his face
Thinking life is sweet
Long stride, quick pace
Thinking life is grand
He held 2 cups of coffee
One in each hand
It didn't look like he seemed
To have a care or a demand
Something in his eye just beamed
Kindness calls to kindness in the end
Kindness carries coffee to a friend

June ,8 2005


All this time we've been waiting
Now there is the arrival of Kayden
And the wind witnesses the toss
Of the coin that signifies our loss
I think I can't and then I think I can
I am bound to travel someday to Japan
Emotions that are in conflict must reconcile
Grand this and that causes me to smile
Perhaps skirting my very sanity
If in the end all is really vanity
Where will it all end we will see
What doesn't kill us someday sets us free

June, 13 2005


An open heart and mind
Is good for the soul
And makes you free
To reach your potential
Blessed ties that bind
Halves that are made whole
Are reasons to be
When troubles torrential
Pour down on your days
As they are known to do
Ticket takers toll stays
Not one makes it through
Alive. But to hope and
Love with hearts wide open
Is the reason that we came
The measure of our love is
The goal of the whole game.

June ,6 2005

The Wait

Ready set wait
Back up from the gate
Wait for a call
Sit or stand tall
I hate to hesitate
Feelings are wild
What? A grand child
Redesign your plan
We'll do it when we can
Let your demeanor be mild
My heart's racing
My feet pacing
No abating
I hate waiting
Seconds slowly spacing
Seconds slowly spacing

June ,9 2005

Upon Arriving

Two hours on the road and
Yet it didn't seem so long
But when my feet hit sand
My backache said I was wrong
To sit hour upon hour
Inside of my car
Till like a wilted flower
I say here we are
Bones creaking as I rise
I look out with weary eyes
Almost too tired for talking
Let's stretch and set out walking

June ,3 2005

Sunday Waking

Sunday rolls in like an autumn fog
Slow and damp it creeps
Like a cobbler short of one clog
Or one who through the morning sleeps
Outside I hear the gentle rain's refrain
Pit and pat upon the foliage
I sit and sip and scratch my brain
In search of some new needed knowledge
What once seemed straight now seems bent
So much we give in uniformed consent
Till in time our dreams are rent
By those we trusted
The clean encrusted
Ravenous to repeat
What we sow we reap

June ,5 2005

Pat Attention

Be mindful of the day
Be heartful what you say
Take time on knees to pray
And see what comes around
If your heart is true
The best is there with you
No matter what you do
If it is love you've found
Thank your lucky stars
For Venus meeting Mars
You can live and love
More ways than you can mention
You will fill your heart
With life if you pay attention

June 1, 2005


One day to celebrate our arrival
The rest are spent on our survival
Taking to task, tempting fate
We join together to celebrate
Let's have an unbirthday revival
We can seek the joy of living
Thankful, grateful, giving
Joining hands let us cheer
To your unbirthday
I'm glad you are here

June ,4 2005

Flash Poems


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