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Flash poems are written stream (or stutter) of consciousness when there is a window in time. 

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January 31, 2013
Treading Water

Caught in the current being carried
I know not where but I am married
To the sea and she carries me silently
I fight for peace and struggle violently
Then realize there is a soothing balm
Each breath breathe in and out the calm
Call upon the angels for defense
For direction as I sit upon this fence
Let no more "I don't know" be spoken
Let me see the signs and take the token
Across the bridge to the higher grounds
I listen with my soul to the holy sounds
That resonate deep within my soul
Call me waking, heal me whole
Treading water keeps me a float
Eyes closed I cannot see the boat
That floats beside me every day
Angels lift me up and guide my way
Let me be a beacon of the Light
Give us peace through darkest night
Discharge all fear and all this dread
Let Angel's wings around us spread
Higher Power ascending from above
We stand together sending out the love


A moment ago the world was dying
Calendar called by the mighty Mayan
Perhaps it did die that day
Or just began to fade away
Or perhaps renewal is at hand
Peace will spread across the land
And we will see a new age begin
Where spirit is a part of the fabric
Of the day to day and life's magic
News that feeds our fear
Will fade away and disappear
Forgotten are the tears of mothers
Guns laid down, all men are brothers
In a moment we all find we're flying
Spirit rejoicing gravity defying
On we will go into the setting sun
One life ended and one life begun



Hope met hate in a Texas town
Hate took the shot and shot hope down
And although the world kept spinning round
More than some one died that day

Cracks and leaks sprung in the dam
Someone's sent us off to Vietnam
Fuel fed the fire that brightly burned
Peace was lost while fear was learned

Sad strangers stood upon the shore
Wondered what they were fighting for
Cocking and knocking on heaven's door
How very far we were led astray

The earth shook as bombs tore the veil
Madness marched over hill and dale
Would that one day Peace might prevail
What a hefty heavy toll we pay
More than some one died that day
Will Peace ever come to stay...

October 10, 2013

Music, lovely music soothes the tired soul
Melodies mean meaning more and more
The stories of our lives and times
Set to flowing rhythms and to rhymes
Like wind blown waves upon the shore
They take missing pieces and make whole
A broken heart or wounded spirit
Life is lyrics when you hear it
Music lovely music means so much to me
If the music stopped I would cease to be

October 4, 2013

Frosty feeling foggy mornings
Seem to say season's change in session
Wishing willing away cold warnings
Let the winter wind lead cease this procession

September 13th, 2013

Dreams, mists, linger waking
Ships list fingers shaking
In my soul the feelings stir
I look around, scene a blur
Is this a dream staking
Claim to my spirit
Promising flight without wings
Weightless waiting on this body
To lie down and let me leave
Free of this plane of masses
Of wonder what my task is
Period not a comma
Solitude not drama


September 11, 2013

Awake and move to motivation
Corner caught in consternation
All fall to anxious anticipation
/Some impending sense of doom

Yet laughter flows freely like wine
And we forget the rest for a time
What is coming is less and less sublime
Heralding its arrival with a boom

Some say it's unfolding as meant to be
Just what is coming I cannot seem to see
Deafness falls on those who'd hear the plea
Some say it is exchanging freedom for chains

All I know is we have this time
We have this chance to be cruel or kind
The things we loose and choose to find
All summed up in the pleasures and the pains

So what will our final story be
Too soon it will be ancient history
That lasts for an eternity
Be it bliss for every body
Be it bliss for every body
Basking in the light of Love

August 21, 2013

Bad Business Partners

Thoughts loom heavy on souls

The silent stillness
The false impression
The empty fillness
The true confession

Beware those who wear emperor's clothes
Those who feign wealth while debt grows

Collecting cash not paying tolls
If you're confounded I propose

Before deeming it depression
Scrutinize the connection
See solely in this session

Ask yourself this question
Am I surrounded
By ass holes


July 17, 2013

Sun sends soft signals sighing
Rain reaches thirsty leaves drying
Summer dances on the breeze
Moist cool feel finds ways to please
For the drying happens so quickly here
Where clouds cause gray or rain most of the year
Whether the weather life happens in a moment
So live it, breath it, feel it, love it, touch it, own it.


Just being

Just being seeing feeling
Day to day to day dealing
Making music when I may
Weaving through another day
Leaving loss layers peeling
Down down to the inner Source
Up up springs the Living Force
Opening our eyes to see
Giving living letting be
Is the key to ending strife
Creating calm peace in life


July 11, 2013

Watching little lives unfold
It is like stardust in a haven hold
Where all is safe and all is good
You play in an enchanted wood
Where all the fairy tales are real
Sing, dance with zest and zeal
Life goes on for evermore
No doubting what life is for
You go forth strong and bold
Watching little lives unfold

June 12, 2013

The aching head upon waking
The memories toll taking
Gratitude seems to evade me
No need for palms to shade me
From the gray of another Northwest day

Still so much to say
So many songs to write and play
So much love and sorrow in my heart
Feels like time to both end and start
To quit or carry on and play
On another Northwest day

May 26,2013

The boit boit bing do it
The game draws you into it
Is IQ lower when one quits
Are we becoming vidiots
Technology in hands
Free from talking's demands
Reaching out towards the moon
Alone in a full room
But for images in hands
Collecting coins in surreal lands

May 22,2013

Rain sizzles on the leaves
Sun slumbers high above the eaves
I wonder at this simmering
Is peace simply a glimmering
Hope that lies within
That I have sought without
So seeking once again
I release the doubt
Face a long forgotten vow
Heaven or hell is here and now

2013-2011 Flash Poems Copyright Greg Murat

April 2013

Some jesters sing 
Of being free
Of rising up 
While they slobber
With drink's drool
Ever liars ever fools
Fooling none 
But themselves
While prancing 
Like Reggae elves
They bully and boss
Arms outstretched 
As if on cross
As dog servants
he/she sees us 
Set fervent 
Sees himself Jesus
Grants absolution
No matter what their sin
Firm resolution
To hurt and hurt again
The wicked witch and
Would be wizard Woe
The conniver and the fool
So perfectly matched oh
So comfortable with cruel


March 22, 2013

Pulling to Peace (Objects at rest tend to stay at rest)

It is like moving through thick heavy liquid
It is like slowly freezing solid, being statued
It is sun seeking on a cold cloudy day
Foraging for fun feeling lost in the fray
Distant crumbling drab and dole
Pulled to pieces by black hole

Pulled to peace is being whole
Forgiveness fulfills the total toll
Rising up from whence we fall
All of us in One and One in all

Soul survives with steely stealth
Coming to see, be, a higher self
When wounded wield a healing salve
Get grateful for the good we have

Dream all we can dream while we can
For we never know this life's end plan
We're made mostly of the same dust as stars
We travel through time hoping to heal the scars

From the depths we seek the surface where
We break through and breath the living air
Seeking sweet serenity of soul
Pulled to peace is being whole
Sweet release to smile and nod
Time for letting go and letting God

January 22, 2013
Missing My Love

I turn into the driveway with the green gate
I wonder what is coming but I must wait
Troubles travel tirelessly in threes
I feel the still chill air against my knees
Is this chance alone or is it fate
That finds me here miles from home
Alone, lost, scattered like sea foam
I reach into the empty air and feel it stir
My love's hug's comfort does not occur
It is just the cold and empty that I feel
I would that I could in an instant repeal
This distance daunting distanced state
All this my lover's kiss could can abate
When once again her soft voice I hear
Savoring her presence when next I draw her near
I will be kissing instead of missing my love
I will be kissing instead of missing my love

January 18-2013
The Candle and the Moon

The moon in the midst of the swaying trees
Calls me to come out and play
But these warm blankets gathered at my knees
Make me want to stay
And watch the candle and the moon

I had a grand day today playing my guitar
Singing to the sun sinking in the west
Purple passion sky seemed so near yet far
I soak up the hues that I love the best
Watching candle waning to the tune

I am ready for my rest
I am ready for my rest


July 10-2012
Fear finds ways to bind us
Tears fall hard to remind us
Of the painful pinning lack of kindness
You stumble here with one another
You seek some way soon to discover
That love can conquer all
Even the most very cautious fall
And plummet into the abyss
Having learned no lesson save for this
No matter how much we gain or loose
So much hangs upon the choices that we choose

July 4, 2012

Sounds shout out like thunder
Roaring and rumbling over plains
Vision magnified and crystal clear
Can't seem to cough it under
Crackling crunching pains
Gasping grabbing I feel no fear
Longing for some sweet release
Wind within the wind chimes
Has me wishing wheezing's wane
Stars a light in daytime
Dance before my eyes
I feel an inner peace
As one before he dies
Breath in so soft and steady
Empty lungs feel full already
Clicking clacking clocks
As if in a airless box
Feeling feint and pale
Halfway through the veil
It is the breath of life I feel
I shall sleep now so I'll heal

July 3, 2012
Finding fault fastidiously
Is freeing for some folk
Deflecting wounding words can be
A source of full time work
The toll is high the pay is low
For those who take the yolk
Forever clever on we go
Less someone see us shirk
Here inside my head I hear
A symphony of voices
Indistinct yet quite clear
"We live with our choices"
Day to day let me be
A person with integrity
Let it be written when I'm dead
He ne'er worried what last he said
Like a squirrel seeks out his stash
I mindfully mine each word
Recalling all I've seen and heard
I pump poems out in a flash

March 1, 2012
The wisdom of the ages flows like wine
We listen to sages seeking a sign
We hasten to pages turning through time
Never ever knowing what end we'll see

Sometimes life feels like a coin that's been tossed
We pout at the pains and that which we've lost
We gaze at the gains and just what they've cost
Clever ever flowing with what will be

This mere sheer reflection
of imper-perfection
The wisdom of this:
Life just simply is

January 21, 2012
When seeking seek some spiritual
Me me me doesn't nestle nurturing
Me me me embellishes suffering
To see the world through grown up eyes
Or a child's innocence, which is more wise?
Selfishness may be conventional
But giving love that is intentional
Leads to a life that is much more full

Sometimes giving is what love is for
When it comes to taking, less is more


January 16, 2012

The Snow Is Falling

And the snow
to fall
I hear the silence call
It whispers on a windless night
Winter wearing endless white
I listen to the quiet
Would that I could fly
It is the magic
The glad, the tragic
Flying freely I
Sighing see thee
Great the small
Oh the wonder of it all
I feel at peace
The sweet release



January 5, 2012

Wounded healer
Deep soul feeler
Kingly kneeler
Arise. Arise
Distant thunder
From over under
Washed asunder
Surprise. Surprise.
Self reliant
Dream defiant
Sleeping giant
Your eyes. Your eyes
Are opening to truth
Aged ageless youth
For Freedom forsooth
In need
We dance among the living
Learning loving and forgiving

January 4, 2012
Trickling rivulets of rain
Prickling minuets of pain
Play out upon the stage
A body, heart, mind and spirit
A movie made to feel it hear it
We write it page by page
We live it age to age
To light
To love
To rebirth
To Healing peace
Upon the earth

January 1, 2012
Another Christmas gone

Happy New Year
Another Christmas gone
Life goes on within
and without you
Rain soaked
Seeking shelved
Wind blown
20 12'd
Bright hope?
New dark dawn?
Love knows we begin
By Being true
By Being
We continue on
Calm cloaked clever clear
Happy 2012 is here

December 2, 2011

What happens?

What happens
To the days
To the time
Like a stolen stipend
Like lost way's
Descending climb

I feel the waves crashing
Calling me beyond
Step in and swim
Out to see
Swim on and on and on
Straight into eternity
Or the cold dark night
Or sprout wings of fire
And soar into the light

I come to in this waking dream
So far from the sea
I listen to the drizzle rain
Sign saying let it be

Breath out the pain
And in the gratitude
Loose the loss and
Glean the gain
With loving attitude
And smile for my face likes that
Though I far too often do forget
Then I trace the thoughts back
And cast aside regret

Then I plainly plainly see
What happens is up to me

August 22, 2011


Trickle trickle splash
Whooshing of the wind
Counting out the cash
Calling freely on a friend
To follow up on finding free
Making merry to the mile end
The time and place to let it be
We long for living on the island
We live and love whether near or far
But being on the beach by you
Is my wish upon a star
I know you feel it too
Trickle trickle splash
Whooshing of the wind
Let's just make a dash
My lover and my friend


May 7th, 2011


The crescent moon points to the evening star
I sit in the darkness and listen to the wind
It rushes and brushes the leaves and then
It waxes and wanes with the door a jar
I consider an early slumber or attempt
To lie upon the bed and take my rest
Too many nights find me on this futile quest
As sleeps eludes me as if I were exempt
Still I find an inner peace as I listen to the trees
Joy or sorrow, today, tomorrow, bless our families



April 26th, 2011

It's a pearl gray day
And the rain is falling to the ground
I squeeze my eyes closed tightly
And listen to the sound
And I feel You all around me
I can hear the things You say
Sometimes shouted silently
They tell me go, they tell me stay
Is a new beginning near or is this the end
Who is the enemy here and who is the friend
So I pick up my guitar and as I sing and play
I forget these questions on this pearl gray day
In the background is the quiet cooing of a dove
Telling me it all begins and ends with Love

March 23rd, 2011

What a day is today
Partly cloudy, cold and sunny
Description comes to play
In ways it seems so very funny
What weather words portray

In these times of great commotion
Feelings sway like tall trees in a storm
People are much like the ocean
Calm, crazy, cold and warm
We live in times of deep emotion

We're selfish, kind, happy and sad
Partly good and partly bad
And no one gets out alive
Human kind at its best
Will all be put to the test
Are we worthy to survive

January 8, 2011

The Road We're On

Challenge me with a Bakugan
I will rise to meet the pain
We will see who will fall
And who will remain
It is only a game after all
Part of the road we're on

Trickling water, cooing dove
Outside the fast lane
And in silence I recall
Sweet comfort to attain
Everything is passing all
What is left is only love

And love will conquer all.

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