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Flash Poety  May 2006

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Good Enough?

Who could love me
You ask
There is no way
Could take that task
Not for me you say
Being blind to the love
Right in front of you
Must make life pretty rough
May I just say right now
I do and you
Are so good enough

May 26, 2006

Cool Wet Breeze

Cool wet breeze blows in the window
Rains came again while we dreamed
Silent shadows shifted on the sill
Creaking house calls me until
I asked was it as it seemed
While I was dreaming so
Asleep or waking
Softly shaking
I don't know

May 22, 2006

Hello and Good-bye

Seasons on the move once more
Spring brings newness to our door
Keep on, continue and ask what for
Still more and more we try
To be real, and true and free again
Just to feel, and do and be my friend
Where we started is where we end
So say hello and good-bye
May 21, 2006

This land

This land where we have chosen
Wet and windy, warm or frozen
Is home to my heart and soul
Refurbishes me from trouble's toll
Heaven homeward hold my hand
And walk with me on this land
May 20, 2006

Friday Fly Day

Friday fly day
Cat fish fry day
Everything my way
Off on the highway
Can't get a grip
Need a road trip
Shoot from the hip
Sail on a ship
Friendly persuasion
What's the occasion
No more frustration
Catching crustacean
Northward to gnome
Headed for home
Ride quantum foam
Know the unknown
That's it for me
No, no more coffee
May 19, 2006

Crescent Moon

Crescent moon didn't know it was dawn
Purple pink sky framed its lingering on
The wind in willows came to my mind
As I sought what I seek but never do find
These cedars outside stand on tip toes
Or so says I and so it seems and goes
What will the ending be? Who knows?
The shadows aren't saying as I pass by
Some say it's all over in the wink of an eye
And so goes this silent tune
Sung to the crescent moon
May 18, 2006

Morning Mutterings

Summer is here for a minute
So the weather man says
We know it when we're in it
At least that is my guess
So we seek to do our best
As we're all put to the test
So here is to you and me
Life's too short for bad coffee
May 15, 2006

Mother's Day Musing

Here because of you
We've you to thank
For the chance to be
To hear our hearts
Making mystery
Telling what's true
Walking the plank
For a chance to see
False starts
Broken hearts
Wherever we go
In peace or war
A mother's love
Will lift us up
Once more
When there is no lifting left
Lost to sifting swiftly
Lest we tumble through time
Lost quest best to find
Meandering musing
Through these thoughts of you

May 14, 2006

The Same Way

It seems like I have been in the spot
Like as many times as I have not
When I wasn't is when I forgot
That I fought in a war
It wasn't grand and it wasn't noble
In an Asian land, it wasn't global
Guns, rains and pains a lobe full
Wondering what for
I felt lost and all alone
Even when I came home
Little else I have known
Like as not to day
I woke up feeling the same way

May 12, 2006

Such is life

Puppy crying for his siblings
Sad and sorry for lost quibbling
I sit still too tired for scribbling
So I type on this keypad

Gray morning calls me waking
Another bit of life partaking
Not a day for dream forsaking
I sit here this grand dad dad

Such is life at once empirical
Mindful of this mini miracle
Longing for the lost and lyrical
At once both happy and so sad


May Day

May day let's play
Summer is coming
It's on the way
Sunshine buds
Winter's memory
Still stings
Love in hand
Baby smiles
Lover snuggles
Walk in wood
Life is good

May 2, 2006

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