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Flash Poetry   January 2006

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January 2006


Flooding fields and farms have been
Flooding seems to have found a haven here
Lapping at the low lying step
Cutting off dry passage to the cars
The sidewalk is Atlantis like in the icy cold
Knee highs are across the water I am told
Across the icy water in a can
It is I who must with reluctance schlepp
And fetch the rascals from their pond
Tonight I hope for clear skies and stars
Warm relaxing evening and perhaps a beer
Feeling a bit like Noah once again

Flooding field, farm and our house have been
So far so good, it is not coming in

January 30, 2006


Steady focused cruising
Bumped batted but not bruising
Happiness is for choosing
Over that which would annoy
You can feel it in your being
Use your heart not eyes for seeing
Find fear and sadness fleeing
Jump up over sadness into joy
January 29, 2006

Holding Heaven

Holding Heaven
While he's dreaming
Dreams portrayed in
Smirks and seeming
So close to surface
To awake him
In my arms I take him
Tight to chest
Holding Heaven
This is the best

January 26, 2006

Flock Watching

A flock of pigeons light upon the ground
We walked amidst them ever cautiously
These were the first pigeons that you would see
Suddenly they took flight heaven bound
Flew east from the sea and then turned around
We stood watching in awe, both you and me
As they swooped right past us around and round
Somewhere between wonderment and glee
We soaked up the moment both sight and sound
I was as one with joyful happy tears
I'll mine this memory for many years
January 24, 2006

Get Moving

Stuck or just standing still
Frustrated by this lack of will
The kindness of a stranger
Keeping us from danger
While we contemplate until
A move seems timely to us here and now
Stalwart standing still somehow
We need to make a show to take a bow
Comfort comes with power proving
Lord knows we need to just get moving
Blessed little keeps us both content
Time passes as we wonder where it went
Like money not yet earned already spent
The ticking clock tells us to take heed
Time and motion, that is what we need
January 23, 2006

First Time

There is a first time for every thing
As old as the world is it is still true
Because there is a first time for me and you
The first time we walk, the first time we sing
The first time we fall in love
The first time our hearts break
As old is the world is below and above
It is still true for ours and heaven's sake
There is a first time we learn a new
To learn from a mistake
It is true tomorrow as it is true today
There is a first time for every thing
So let's take it all the way
January 22, 2006

Happy Is

Happy is as happy does
Fear is full of folly
Go for your dream because
Dreams delightful jolly
Make a better life
And make a better heart
Make a better husband or wife
Where marriage won't depart
And set sail on misery
Happy is as happy does
So please happy be
January 21, 2006


When our lives are over on this plane
We will only have the love we gave
That is all that will gain
No matter how we scrimp and save
Not a farthing will remain
Are we foolish or are we brave
As we climb toward all we can attain
And live as if there is no grave
Would that we could love a lot and live a little longer
Knowing it's the giving that fulfills and makes us stronger
Showing it's the giving that fulfills and makes us stronger
January 19, 2006


Freely Flying

Freely flying against the clouds
Swirling and spiraling in the wind
Stepping in then out of the shroud
So unencumbered in the end
Spirit dwells in body for a time
When the veil is parted we pass through
We each will hear a final chime
When there is nothing more that we can do
No more toiling, no more trying
Just the letting go and freely flying

January 12, 2006

Who We Love

Who we love is a matter of fact
Not so much a matter of choice
What we do and how we act
Can give us pause or cause us to rejoice
If we are to shine, truly shine
We have to break the bonds that bind us
This plan is eternal and divine
It is my hope that it will find us
We will sail dreams like a dove
To win or lose is best with who we love
January 11, 2006

Happy Thought

When the world is closing in
And you feel like you've lost
Your only friend
The way cannot be found or bought
Reach inside and grab your happy thought
When you've lost your way
And you cannot pay the cost
In the end
What you found and what you sought
Turn around with a happy thought
And for all that I've been through
In my heart my happy thought is you
January 7, 2006

Bad Dreams

Bad dreams linger upon waking sometimes
Reality has no reason or rhymes
Did we, did we not commit the crimes
In those hellish scenes
Symbols of life we chose not to live
Reminders of love we chose not to give
Trickling like sand through a serrated sieve
With surreal soundless sounds so glib
Upon waking and shaking to clear the head
Who were the lost ones? Are they really dead?
Or parts of lost secrets that've never been said
The aura is roaring its color is read
Waiting for tormentors to leave
Holding the breath afraid to breath
Dawn is slowly breaking
Shedding the shadows when waking
January 6, 2006

When It's Time

When is it time to throw in the towel
To turn and just walk away
How many times does the ball go foul
Before we can learn to say
This is not for me
I was meant for something more
We decide when and where to play
And what we are playing for
Step up or step back
Take the reigns
Hold tight through the pain
If it is right
You will know
When to let go

Baby Bubbles

Baby blowing bubbles from below
Talking to his fingers
And making a show
He'll learn more
Than we'll ever know
Memory lingers
For these very special times
Giving me a heart that's full
And ready for the chimes
Be they good or be they bad
I would not trade anything
For a single day we've had

Wrap time and tie it with a bow
And sprinkle it with
BAby bubbles from BElow
January 1, 2006

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