Happiness comes from acts of putting the happiness of others first, or a chicken ain't nothing but a bird.

50 years ago today the powers that be killed John F Kennedy. Who would ever have thought that I would be in Dallas on the anniversary of that brutal and tragic and unpardonable day when hate met hope in an act of dishonor and shame. So how was your day?

Here I am in Texas and here I will be for a few more days. My father Joseph, Papa Joe, Grampa Joe, Brother Joe is in Matlock Place Health and Rehabilitation Center.  He has survived 6 weeks of hell in an effort to have a better life or for whatever reason. I have seen so much in the last short period of time and I am so proud of how he has held on to get better. It has given me a humble hope and a chance to express my love for him in acts of caring. We are all human. We have our good and bad, our worldly and spiritual, our good wolf and bad wolf. Me, you, my father is no different. I am soul weary and filled up all at the same time. He has a calm peace about him over all. We are all only haunted by the ghosts we refuse to set free, by the absolution we withhold. We are free in our ability to forgive and act upon that forgiveness with the expression of love. The moment is where life resides and when we can focus on that moment, life is a wonder to behold. I have watched the specter of death overshadow my father and flee in the face of faith. I have seen him display calm acceptance over the experience and continue on. I have seen glimpses of the past not past present itself and cause peace to tuck and run. I have seen the absence of compassion on faces, the ache of loneliness of lost souls, heard the cries of despair on those with no one and no hope. I have laughed amidst the madness of it all and sang some soulful melodies to sooth the pain in my heart. There is a calm before a storm, an eye in the hurricane and there can be a peaceful  acceptance of how fragile we are. And there is a space in every moment where peace resides and calm prevails and love conquers hate. There is hope in the heart that can love. There is always hope. When you focus on your self and only satisfying yourself there is no peace. Talk is cheap when it comes to love. Love needs expression. So on this day that JFK's life was stolen from him, I have hope my father with survive to live a better life than before and be able to take care of business, to use the talents and gifts he has to make the world a little better place for having been here, to express his faith in God and gratitude for his mercy. I hope he is loved in the manner he deserves and cared for as he lives the remainder of his days in love and kindness, with sight not blindness, with all my heart here is hoping he will find this to be true. It is woven in my heart and mind, Love is kind.

A chicken ain't nothing but a chicken. Mom Byrd

Well, it has been one hell of a ride for my father since his heart surgery on October the 4th. The surgery was a breeze and successful or so we thought. He got pneumonia, staph infection, fluid around his lungs, blood loss to the tune of 5 transfusions and has spent nearly 5 weeks in the ICU, Surgery recovery, back to ICU, Acute medical care, etc. Thru three different hospitals he has managed to survive by the grace of God and intervention. If you go into the hospital, bring an advocate to stay if you hope to survive medical treatment. I am too tired to really go into the whole story but I can tell you that my father has been a hero in his quest to live and have a better life than he had before.
He is now in the rehabilitation phase where he has to go to several hours of physical and occupational therapy every day to rebuild his strength. I am very proud of him. Andie flew down with Kayden and stayed three days in the hospital with Dad while I rested and swam with Kayden. (5 hours one day). He is really a merman. Well, so am I. I would rather be in the water than on land. Andie had recently flown down just to visit for a few days. Who travels to Texas to visit their father in law. Only an amazing woman like Andie. I really feel I am the luckiest man in the world. So much love to give.
So I have a brief reprieve to rest but I am typing to make sure the cancellation of another show in November is on the website. Not that anyone looks at website's anymore with FB. Still I had dear friends Keith and Linda Gallup drive up from Renton for a show I had to cancel. So sorry that happened.
I brought my guitar with me but there hasn't been much occasion to play. The last day we were at Kindred Hospital I brought it into the cafeteria and played for all the staff. It was wonderful. All people in hospitals are under a lot of stress, staff and patients alike. Kindred is one place where there is no class system. All employees are equal in respect and acceptance. I have never seen such a sense of family. Oh I had issues with looking out for dad's treatment but I was always able to talk to and find someone. That is not remotely the case in the corporate environment of HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center. Although the therapists are very good, and there are some very caring staff, the feel of the place is oppressive. The doctors better than the nurses who are better than the tech's who are better than the house keeping people. I think that instilled corporately not humanly. A chicken ain't nothing but a chicken. I have prayed the Ho'oponopono prayer ( I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.) over the staff and the whole building and a prayer for the day my father walks out of there on his own. He has been graceful throughout his treatment and continues to be kind to the staff no matter what. This whole ordeal has brought together family that hasn't been in contact for years. My sister Maria intervened with the new hospital when we arrived and along with my sister Beth has checked on dad through out his stay. I am so grateful for the help and prayers of friends and family through these times and always.

That is all the babbling I have at the moment.  God bless us each and every one.

Sending out the love

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