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July 28, 2-2014 *******

The day raced by with me struggling with uploading files to this site. It is not worth the effort and stress to continue if I cannot figure out where the files are going because they are not going to my web site. Two hours of hitting put and checking to see if the file is there and it is not. Enough! Enough. Looking for a new solution! The day went a little bit south towards the end with a melt down and frustration. Still there is a bit of time left but I do not think there will be music played tonight. Breath in deeply and relax. Relax.

July 27, 2-2014 *******

   It was a grand day at Tour de Terrace ( the link is http://www.tourdeterrace.org) yesterday. Playing music with dear friends. Jimmy Culler with his pure boyish joy throwing himself totally into the music. Scott MacGougan with his brilliance and wonderful talent and inner peace that shines, Mike Daily with his power on the drum kit and persistence with the beat and the show, John Matthews with his warm smile and total focus on making rhythmic music with his friends. It is a different dynamic when rehearsing different parts of the band for different shows and then putting it all together. Debbie MacGougan has been singing harmony and performing with Scott at other shows and joined us on stage for harmony.
  I made a departure from past and invited a friend to perform at our concert and it didn't work out as it involved a case of laryngitis. We weren't aware of that until we started the song. Oops. Stick to the band that puts in the time in the future. That was the consensus of the entire band prior to the show. Makes sense. But we have a big musical family and lots of love.

The event was huge and amazingly well laid out and organized. It was really amazing and comfortable in comparison to the Taste of Edmonds or the Bite of Seattle. Well Done.

July 2, 2-2014 Lopez Island McKaye Harbor

Relaxing in the cabin overlooking McKaye's Harbor on Lopez Island. It is a blustery day and the waves are crashing on the rocks below the cabin. Kayden is restless and ready to play board games. We had fun last night playing Head Banz Act Up. You place a head band on each player and then add a card to the front of it facing out. The other players act out your word and you guess it from their clues. It is quite fun. Pitcher was cute because Kayden saw it as picture and acted that out and Andie guessed it right a way. I then whispered to Kayden that the word was pitcher and he laughed and proceeded to act that word out and again Andie guessed it. We laughed a lot playing that game. We started out on the deck but were chased inside by the cold and mosquitoes. Today he has prepped the game Clue on the floor. We are having a little individual time right now so Andie is reading The Mists of Avalon, I am journaling and Kayden is planning the game. He loves to plan. He is very meticulous and thorough.

I am not writing much these days. I spend too much time swirling in all these thoughts to sit down and write them out. I will say that June 28th was a magical night at the Wild Vine Bistro. There is such a sense of family and fun there when I play and it is a balance between the great musicians and the friends and fan. It is the full circle feeling. Everyone is included in the circle of life and we are all connected. I have played at the Gorge as a duo in front of 8,000 people and opened for BB King as a solo at standing room only crowd at Parker's Ball Room. So many great experiences have come from playing music. Some nights are full of wonder and magic when there is Scott MacGougan playing lead guitar, Jimmy Culler on bass and John Matthews on percussion. Then add a little of the many wonderful players like Ron Llinas, Jeff Nicely and vocalists like Dee, Mindy Haynes, Debbie MacGougan, Elaine Skeffington and the joy radiates. Entertainer and jazz singer, Phil Randoy showed up on June 28th. I even saw Dick Heinzen, former owner of Ricardo's, there one night. It is about the people and the gathering as much as the music. I attempted to record but I must have plugged something in wrong as when I went to listen to the discs and they were blank. Sad face appears here. I need to be more careful distinguishing the mic input from the line input I think. Oops! That was one magic evening that will only exist in the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to be present.

I am processing the idea of revamping this old website into something much more streamlined and specific. I was so excited back in the day when I started this site. Now days are filled with dealing with the PTSD that flips me back in time to Vietnam, keeps me awake at night and torments my dreams when I do sleep. I don't seem to be able to write my way out of this as I have done in the past. Music is the interlude where that gateway to pain seems to narrow the most and it helps me cope with all the rest of life at least while I am lost in a song. I am grateful for music.

Sending out the love

This web site is here to promote and share our music and artistry. It represents our partnership
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It is our hope that we can be of service to other artists as well and help share positive  music  
with the whole wide world  in appreciation for all that God continues to give to us.
Also, maintaining  the web site keeps me busy and out of trouble.

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