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Greg Murat and Cool Wind returns to The Oak Harbor Music Festival September 4th, 2015, Friday Night at 7:30pm for a 60 minute set!

Friday night will have the wonderfully tasteful lead guitar of Mr. Scott MacGougan, the melodic and smooth groove bass
of Mr. Jimmy Culler, the driving beat of Mr. Mike Daily, the joyfully inventive percussion of Mr. John Matthews and lots of harmony from Jimmy, Scott, Mike and the lovely and talented Mrs. Debbie MacGougan.
Light Hearted Latin Jazzy Reggae Pop. I am thinking of editing it down to Island Rock .__________________________________________________________________________

Someone else's opinion of me does not define who I am.

August 9, 2015

   I am a fixer. A fixer who is broken. I try to fix things that are unfixable and that are not mine to fix. Time would be better spent playing music.
I think after talking to a few of my siblings today that we experienced an intense sense of never good enough growing up. What bearing does that have to do with today? None, unless we give it power. Our power is not something that is taken, it is given away. It is true that there are people from family to strangers who know how to take it. In Aikido we learn to form a stance that is that is grounded, legs apart, knees bent. It is a solid stance and formidable against attack. We need that same grounding spiritually regarding our power and our self image. Sometimes interaction with certain people is best done on a spiritual and psychic level. Sending out the love. 
   Although I have made monumental mistakes in my life oblivious to collateral damage, I have never set out to intentionally hurt someone. It is my experience that some people seem to feed off that kind of energy. They withhold  love and communication all in an endeavor to cause pain. Where is the sense in that? I guess one could say that is an interpretation of a behavior. This means that. Is a perception a truth? Or is it just one possible truth? One thing I do know is this. Dang! I only know one thing and I can't remember what it is. If perception is only a perception, as in something we made up based on input, why not make up something good? The big continuing lesson in life is letting go, and feeling, giving and receiving love.
   Labels create a lot of perception. Being disowned. How can you be disowned when no one can own anyone. We are all in this together. At times I think this has all happened before countless times and will happen again. Pops, Papa, Papi. Grand Father,Father and Uncle. All labels that relate to a role we play. I am thankful at this later stage of my life, for a time to be all those things to an amazing young man who teaches me things every day. We have an on going dialogue about how I can do a better job. This is good as there are those before him who think I pretty much fell tremendously short in that role. That is particularly sad since ever since I was a little boy I was sure I was going to be a good father, much better than my own. I told him so repeatedly from the time I was about 5 years old. Oops. On we go. Do the best you can. If you don't like what you did, don't do it again. At least don't be surprised if the outcome is the same as the last time you did.
   These thoughts are all good and yet I am caught in a time warp loop that has me reliving my time in Vietnam. Time displacement is an unsettling and surreal experience. I hope I can escape that loop someday and simply be here in these precious moments I have.

May 13, 2015   

August 30, 2014
The Oak Harbor Music Festival was a wonderful thing. A chance to play with my dear friends and be a part of a joyful
gathering of good people in Oak Harbor. Larry and Cynthia Mason were the driving for a huge assembly of volunteers
who took part in this great gathering. We had a great time and Everett
recorded our whole set and put it up on YouTube. It was good to see the faces of old and new friends and the
memories of the weekend will be with us forever.

Don't make assumptions, but if you must assume, assume the best.

Part 1
Music is the great release, the healer. There are moments of peace performing music that don't exist in other times and space. It is a place of tranquility amid chaos. I find myself reflecting on Robin Williams departing the planet and think of those times when that idea is blasting in my face like a loop playing out of a stack of Marshall amps. Hopeless seems to loom like a shadow that blocks all light. That specter hovers in both sleeping and waking dreams. How to stay is the question? There are so many things we can all be grateful  but the weight of depression bends souls to the point of breaking and the feeling anything but pain seems, is, impossible. Those are the times when reaching out is imperative. It is also the time when reaching out is most difficult. We are each precious and keeping that in our minds and hearts, when the internal prattle goes on and on, is vital. It is the point when just breathing is all that is possible. Just breathing can save your life by changing focus. Breath out and breath in. Repeat with intent and concentration. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Help someone else. Stay!

Part 2
The two most important lessons you can learn in life are:
1. How to say no to someone you love.
2. How to not feel bad for saying no to someone you love. Joe Murat


August 3, 2014

Home with the family. We have been outside today. I played in the pool with Kayden and Andie redeemed the trampoline from the winter mildew. Having a short pause for the cause and trying to fix things on this website. Ha ha. There are gremlins in here and they have been winning yesterday and today. Back to the sun while it is here.

August 1st, 2014

Images of broken light which shine before me
Like a million eyes and call me on and on 
Across the universe

John Lennon

There was a grand gathering at the Wild Vine Bistro on July 31st as at pre birthday celebration of  Bill Shanks birthday. Elaine Skeffington even did two songs with us. The Same Side of  the Moon is one of my all time favorite songs and she sang it beautifully. It was extra special for me because Andie and Kayden was there for most of the evening.  Jimmy Culler played and sang his heart out and John Matthews was tapping out the rhythm for the evening. Dale Antonsen played shaker and added so much to the evening. The joy of music is profound.  It was sweet and soothing to the soul and the house was packed for most of the evening. The night was flowing
with the rhythm and melodies.

Sending out the love         Favorite Recording Studio- Studio 0 Four

Kayden Sledding
The Yard 
Walkway Side view
Snow Licker
Kayden's First Snow Pictures of the year
Day 2 of snow

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